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Telstra shifts Jamberoo tower away from school

Date: 29/04/2011
Words: 206
Source: ILL
          Publication: Illawarra Mercury
Section: News
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TELSTRA has bowed to public pressure and will move a controversial mobile phone tower away from Jamberoo Public School.

However, moving the 15m structure 300m from the telco's preferred location without compromising improved coverage will require a 5m height increase.

Telstra announced plans to erect the tower on a Wyalla Rd property late last year, claiming it was critical to improve patchy reception in the area.

Residents, unswayed by guarantees the tower would not pose a risk to community health, had reacted angrily.

The tower would have been 390m from Jamberoo Public School and its 123 students.

It will now be outside the 500m exclusion zone favoured by the NSW Department of Education and Training.

Jamberoo Public School principal Sue Cartwright welcomed Telstra's backdown.

"I'm grateful to them for listening to the community and our expressed wish," she said.

Telstra executives agreed to move the tower during a meeting with Kiama Mayor Sandra McCarthy and general manager Michael Forsyth on Monday.

NSW corporate affairs manager Jane deGault said the decision should not be interpreted as a sign Telstra agreed the initial location was dangerous.

"In the scheme of things our priority is keeping our customers happy," Ms deGault said yesterday.

"This is a good outcome for everyone."

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