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Harnessing the power of the subconscious

Author: Josh Jennings
Date: 29/03/2014
Words: 441
Source: SMH
          Publication: Sydney Morning Herald
Section: My Career
Page: 21
A hypnotherapist's work can make life changes for clients, writes Josh Jennings.

People from all walks of life come to see hypnotherapist Julie Rice, she says. Recently, a client showed up with a smoking habit 40 years in the making. In these situations, it's customary for Rice to offer face-to-face hypnotherapy across two consultations and provide the client with supporting MP3s and an e-book to use in their own time. If clients can't quit after that, they're welcome to see Rice again for free.

But in the instance of the 40-year smoker, the third visit hasn't been necessary.

"Going to India was one of her dreams, so I used a big motivational process with her, which worked very well," Rice says. "So she's on her way to India at the end of the year, rather than smoking." Rice is the founder of hypnotherapy practice Hypnotic Health.The main focus of her job is to apply hypnotherapy to enable her clients to make positive and sustainable life changes. Examples of the variety of challenges she has helped clients overcome include issues with weight, insomnia and anxiety.

"I'm a facilitator of change for the client," Rice says. "The client has their own resources and it's just my job to guide them to their own solution."

In Australia, anybody can set up shop as a hypnotherapist. However, Rice's qualifications (her main one is a diploma of modern psychology from private college the Mind Academy) entitle her to accreditation with Australia's main hypnotherapy bodies and associations.

She has been operating Hypnotic Health since 2005.

"Many of the tools and techniques I use have evolved," she says. "There have been advances lately in neuroscience, for instance.

"There are a lot more evidence-based studies coming out that support hypnotherapy, which is changing [how] we work. We're using a lot more process."

One of Rice's career achievements is having the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists invite her to become a board member.

"I'm very much involved with them. They're trying to bring forth changes in the way the public conceives hypnotherapy. One of the things we often come up against is the stage hypnotist and the challenge of making people accept hypnotherapy as a viable therapy that is science-based." Rice particularly enjoys that hypnotherapy offers a wealth of areas in which to specialise, and that she has the opportunity to see her clients have major breakthroughs.

"Sometimes you can almost visibly see the changes to a client once they come out of hypnosis," Rice says.

"Their face tone will change and their posture will change. It's like they're completely free of an old memory. It's just sharing in that."

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