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Blogging cabbie's fitness assessed

Date: 12/04/2012
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          Publication: Newcastle Herald
Section: News
Page: 16
A NEWCASTLE Taxis driver found to have vilified homosexuals online, and whose blog describes the Koran as "an evil book" used as a "terrorist manual", is being reassessed for his suitability to hold a taxi licence.

Taxi compliance officers interviewed John Christopher Sunol last week. They are reconsidering his licence following recent posts on his blog.

The comments include an entry on Monday about how he saw the burning of the Koran "as being quite justified as was the book that Hitler wrote in the mid 1920s Mein Kampf which justified Hitlers [sic] racism and extemination [sic] of the Jews".

An entry dated February 26 said the Koran was a "very unholy book by a pedophile phrophet [sic] and used as a terrorist manual" but that burning the book was "a bit of a foolish thing to do".

Mr Sunol told the Newcastle Herald he had written some comments about the Koran but denied he had referred to it as being written by a paedophile.

He said he did not express his views to his taxi passengers.

In 2005, the Administrative Decisions Tribunal found Mr Sunol had posted vilifying remarks including "Faggots are all wicked evil people", and ordered him to remove the material.

Sydney-based activist Gary Burns has lodged complaints about more recent comments, which are yet to be heard.

Under NSW regulations, a taxi authority holder must be of "good repute".

Mr Burns wrote to Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian querying Mr Sunol's licence.

"You have to ask where do they draw the line about what constitutes 'of good repute'," Mr Burns told the Herald.

In reply Ms Berejiklian said compliance officers would continue to monitor Mr Sunol and take appropriate action "if and when necessary".

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