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The Sydney Morning Herald


Author: Alyssa Robinson
Date: 25/09/2010
Words: 200
Source: SMH
          Publication: Sydney Morning Herald
Section: Spectrum
Page: 17


What's green, brown and hung over? A coathanger, of course.

Unlike plastic or wire coathangers, which end up tangled in landfill, the Green Hanger is biodegradable and made entirely from recycled materials.

The name is a bit of a misnomer  it's cardboard-brown in colour  but Green Hanger's simple appearance hasn't damaged its fashion cred. Its society debut at the 2008 Melbourne Fashion Festival ensured even the most delicate garments were well-hung. Now it has leapt overseas to the 2010 Tokyo Designers Week, where it is enjoying a second function: embossed Green Hangers have been sent to guests as invitations.

The Earth-friendly invention has come a long way from its Melbourne birthplace, where creators Christian Ferrante, Josh Cohen and Ash Black had their eureka moment four years ago.

"We had a friend moving house who we were helping [to] move out," Ferrante says. "We had a lot of leftover hangers [and wondered] what do we do with them?"

There weren't many recycling options, so the trio decided to create an alternative by pulping old telephone books, magazines and other paper waste and pressing the material into shape.

Green Hanger is available in packs of 10, from $5.95 plus postage, at

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