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Date: 01/02/2007
Words: 389
Source: AGE
          Publication: The Age
Section: Green Guide
Page: 18
PAY TV REVIEWS: The F-Word; Chic Eats: Australia; Cory in the House

The F-Word, Lifestyle, 8.30pm

No expletive is deleted as the foul-mouthed Gordon Ramsay puts a bunch of butchers who consider themselves dab hands in the kitchen to work in one of his restaurants. The show is ostensibly about restaurant-quality dishes that anyone can cook, but really it's just about Ramsay showing us what a cranky effing bastard he can be and giving every other effing bastard a four-letter effing earful. If the show is such an effing pain in the effing arse, Gordon, why bother doing the effing thing? It's not as if you need the effing money. Oh, that's right - you're just playing an effing caricature of yourself. This episode is pretty much stolen by rough-diamond actress Kathy Burke (Gimme Gimme Gimme), who turns up wanting a vegetarian meal that's not an effing risotto and gives Ramsay as good as she effing gets.

Chic Eats: Australia, Discovery Travel & Living, 9.30pm

This British show comes to Melbourne to investigate the state of the local slow food movement, which is pretty healthy (Melbourne has the biggest chapter outside Italy, apparently), and have a look at people growing top-quality meat and veg in an ethical fashion. One can't help but feel that most of these folks are kind of middle-class hippies, but they do raise some good points about the threat to the biodiversity of our pantries - if we allow food species to die out we run the risk of walking into something like the Irish potato famine. The show (which opens with didgeridoo music to go with a shot of the glass cone thing at Melbourne Central) also heads out to the Yarra Valley, where a woman is raising rare black pigs. The Yarra Valley, you might be alarmed to learn, is also home to one of Australia's few remaining boutique wineries.

Cory in the House, Disney, 5.30pm

It's Spin-Off City as Cory (Kyle Massey), who is Raven's brother in That's So Raven, moves into the White House, where his dad has been hired to cook. It's all good fun but questions could be raised about the political correctness of the scene in which a young black boy on his hands and knees feels compelled to lick the hand of a white president who thinks he's a dog.

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