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The Age

Newman clear but urges cancer tests

Author: By Chris Evans
Date: 10/03/2008
Words: 290
Source: AGE
          Publication: The Age
Section: News
Page: 6
TELEVISION and football personality Sam Newman has urged men to get themselves tested for prostate cancer after surgeons at Melbourne's Epworth Hospital removed his diseased gland before cancer could spread to the rest of his body.

In a report for the Nine Network's 60 Minutes program last night, Newman, 62, was told by his urologist, Laurence Harewood, that the cancer had not spread beyond his prostate.

"The cancer is just inside the prostate, it hasn't gone out through the capsule and we've got it all out cleanly. So Sam, I reckon we nailed it," Dr Harewood said.

"Well, that is the best news I've ever had in my life," Newman replied. "It would (have to) be the supreme reprieve, I reckon."

Newman was diagnosed with the disease, despite showing no symptoms, in the results of a blood test taken to check his cholesterol count three weeks ago.

On average, 32 Australian men are diagnosed each day with prostate cancer and 3000 a year die from the disease.

Calling Newman's outcome the best result possible, his former television partner Eddie McGuire reported that his friend's life had been saved because of that blood test.

By sharing his story with a television audience, Newman said he hoped other men would learn a timely lesson.

"Please don't take your life for granted because you never know, it mightn't be there to take for granted if you do," Newman said. "So face up to it and do it. Be tested and enjoy life. It makes you enjoy it all the more. It makes it more relevant."

A healthy prostate is usually the size of a walnut. Newman's was twice this size.

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