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Tuesday, March 9 - Pay TV

Author: brad newsome
Date: 05/03/2009
Words: 433
Source: AGE
          Publication: The Age
Section: Green Guide
Page: 38
A Double Shot at Love

MTV, 4.30pm

YOUR vocabulary-building word of the day is "skankbot". It's a term of recent provenance used to describe a woman programmed to act in a slutty, promiscuous and/or unhygienic manner. See, all these nasty, scratch-each-other's-eyes-out Bachelorette-style shows are really quite educational. Which might explain why MTV and VH1 continue to put them on straight after the kids get home from school, or first thing Saturday morning. It might also explain why Foxtel bundles MTV and VH1 into the "My Playtime" package along with the Disney Channel, CBeebies and Nick Jr. Parents who want their kids to watch, say, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse but not two bikini-clad skanks snogging while grinding their pudendas on each other can presumably use Foxtel's parental lock-out system. Good luck with that. Anyway, this show has 12 guys and 12 girls competing for the affections/anatomies of bisexual twin sisters named Rikki and Vikki. The guys are mostly musclebound meatheads and the girls mostly volatile sorts prone to screaming matches. Sample dialogue: "I also don't think that somebody who's had so many f---ing gangbangs that they can't even remember should stay on the show, either." The whole motley crew is crammed together in a mansion decked out with a pool, hot tub, bar and stripper pole. If they'd put it on at 11pm I'd give it an unqualified two thumbs up.

True Jackson, VP

Nickelodeon, 5pm

TRUE Jackson (Keke Palmer, pictured centre) is 15, and dreams of working in the rag trade. She gets a big break when a designer sees how she's customised his clothes. The designer makes her his vice-president of youth apparel, and as True tries to work out what she's supposed to be doing a rival executive sets out to undermine her, while her friends drop in to cause chaos. Part iCarly and part Just Shoot Me, it's all good fun.

Nightmare at the End of the Hall

Hallmark, 10.15pm

Sara Rue (Less Than Perfect) is a lot thinner than she used to be, and it's strange to see her in a supernatural thriller rather than a sitcom, but this is a bit better than the average telemovie. Rue plays Courtney, who wrote a book about how her friend killed herself while they were at boarding school. Now Courtney has returned to the school as a teacher to find that a girl who is a dead ringer for her dead friend is living in the room where she died. Freaky happenings ensue.

Worth a look

Max Masters: Paul Kelly (Max, 9.30pm)

The Sarah Silverman Program (Comedy, 9pm)

Biography: Colin Farrell (Bio, 9.30pm)

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