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Pay TV- Friday, July 23

Author: brad newsome
Date: 22/07/2010
Words: 378
Source: AGE
          Publication: The Age
Section: Green Guide
Page: 34
Good Luck Charlie (series premiere)

Disney, 5.30pm

TAKE a dumb dad and a long-suffering mum. Give them a dumb son, a sassy daughter and a wisecracking youngest child and you have got pretty much every family sitcom made. Throw in a baby and you have got the same thing with more vomit and poo. This series follows the adventures of the Duncan family, recorded on video by sassy daughter Teddy (Bridgit Mendler from Wizards of Waverly Place) for the future edification of her baby sister, Charlie. In this episode, mum Amy (Leigh Allyn Baker, who played Ellen in Will & Grace) is returning to work at the hospital, leaving the kids in the care of dopey hubby Bob. What are the odds that Bob will injure himself, necessitating a clandestine trip to said hospital? This episode aims to reassure children who think they have forgotten in the fuss over a new baby that their parents still love them. Unfortunately, it has a rather cavalier attitude to the use of babies in stunts.

I Almost Got Away with It

Discovery, 7.30pm

A SERIES that gives murderers a platform from which to bolster their own notoriety by teaching viewers how to avoid getting caught. It sounds wrong but as long as the killers affect contrition, a fig leaf of documentary propriety remains. Tonight's episode focuses on American murderer Marshall Brown, who was jailed for life for a contract killing in 1977. For the next 17 years he was determined to escape, learning about martial arts and wilderness survival. When he made it to a work-release program he ran and avoided capture for two years, which he spent terrorising his old stomping ground, working as a drug dealer and general-purpose thug for his old gang and killing the witness who sent him to jail the first time around.

Ancient Secrets: the Sphinx

National Geographic, 8.30pm

HA! THIS is actually an episode of PBS's excellent Nova science program, so there will be none of that the-aliens-built-the-pyramids-so-they-could-make-yoghurt type of nonsense and sci-fi freaks can tune out now. What the program-makers offer up instead is a sober but fascinating look at the 4500-year history of the Great Sphinx of Giza.

Worth a look

Johnny Cash in San Quentin (STVDIO, 8.30pm)

Spanish Armada (History, 8.30pm)

Cameron Diaz (E!, 8.30pm)

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