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The Age

Workers refuse to talk

Author: Clay Lucas, Royce Millar
Date: 20/12/2013
Words: 167
Source: AGE
          Publication: The Age
Section: News
Page: 12
Three Grocon employees are continuing to refuse to give police statements about the collapse of a wall on the construction company's CUB Brewery site in Swanston Street.

The wall collapse in March killed Bridget Jones, her brother Alexander and academic Dr Marie-Faith Fiawoo.

Lawyers for the three told a Coroners Court hearing into the deaths on Thursday morning that they would not yet give statements on the CUB site, because by doing so they could incriminate themselves.

Since the Coroners Court earlier this month moved to direct a reluctant Grocon to give evidence over the wall's collapse, 14 employees have given statements to police.

But the three remaining employees will agree to do so only after other processes in the investigation have occurred, their lawyers told State Coroner Ian Gray on Thursday.

Judge Gray suppressed the names of the three employees, as well as the name of a fourth, although that staff member has agreed to give police a statement.

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