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Illawarra Mercury


Author: Michael Gandon
Date: 21/07/2011
Words: 451
Source: ILL
          Publication: Illawarra Mercury
Section: Supplement
Page: 25
The Walkway of Fame outside the Steelers Club honours the 44 Illawarra players who have represented Australia. The Walkway of Fame members are those who attended Illawarra schools or played junior or senior football in the Illawarra before gaining Australian representation, or represented Australia while playing in the Illawarra or with the Steelers. The list does not include players who came to the Illawarra after gaining Australian representation, or St George Illawarra players who did not play their early football in the Illawarra.

Royce Ayliffe (1981) - Wests Illawarra, Eastern Suburbs, South Sydney.

Luke Bailey (2003-04) - Steelers, St George Illawarra, Gold Coast.

Keith Barnes (1959-66) - Wollongong, Balmain.

Trent Barrett (2000-05) - Steelers, St George Illawarra, Cronulla-Sutherland.

Matt Cooper (2004-06) - Shellharbour, Steelers, St George Illawarra.

Ron Costello (1969-71) - Shellharbour, Collegians, Canterbury, Port Kembla.

Ben Creagh (2005- ) - University of Wollongong, St George Illawarra.

Michael Cronin (1973-82) - Edmund Rice College, Gerringong, Parramatta.

Bob Dimond (1948) - Dapto, Wests.

Peter Dimond (1958-66) - Dapto, Wests, Newcastle.

John Dorahy (1978) - Wests Illawarra, Wests, Manly-Warringah, Steelers, North Sydney.

Craig Fitzgibbon (2002-08) - Dapto, Steelers, St George Illawarra, Sydney Roosters.

Bob Fulton (1968-78) - Wests Illawarra, Manly-Warrigah, Eastern Suburbs.

Ryan Girdler (1997-2003) - Collegians, Steelers, Penrith.

Ted Goodwin (1971) - Dapto, St George, Wests.

Les Hanigan (1967) - Collegians, Manly-Warringah, Proserpine.

Charlie Hazelton (1937) - Port Kembla, St George, Newcastle, Corrimal.

Ben Hornby (2006- ) - Corrimal, Steelers, St George Illawarra.

Garry Jack (1984-88) - Wests Illawarra, Wests, Balmain.

Frank Johnson (1948) - Port Kembla, Newtown, St George, CBC.

Joe Jorgenson (1946) - Berry, Port Kembla, Balmain.

Graeme Langlands (1963-1975) - Wollongong, St George.

Bob Lindner (1986-93) - Steelers, South Queensland, Parramatta, Wests, Gold Coast.

Graeme Lye (1969) - Wests Illawarra, Port Kembla, Parramatta.

Paul McGregor (1994-97) - Dapto, Steelers, St George Illawarra.

Alan McIndoe (1988) - Emerald, Steelers, Penrith.

Allan McMahon (1975-78) - Collegians, Balmain, Newtown.

Ian Moir (1956-59) - Port Kembla, South Sydney, Wests.

Steve Morris (1978) - Dapto, St George, Eastern Suburbs.

Brett Morris (2009- ) - Kiama, St George Illawarra.

Josh Morris (2009- ) - Kiama, St George Illawarra, Canterbury.

Noel Mulligan (1946-51) - Port Kembla, Newtown, Bowral, St George, Captains Flat, CBC.

Steve Roach (1985-91) - Wests Illawarra, Balmain.

Jason Ryles (2001-05) - Wests Illawarra, Steelers, St George Illawarra, Sydney Roosters.

Kevin Schubert (1948-52) - Wollongong, Manly-Warringah.

John Simon (1997) - Steelers, Parramatta, Sydney Roosters, Auckland Warriors, Wests Tigers.

Brett Stewart (2007- ) - Wests Illawarra, Manly-Warringah.

Glenn Stewart (2008- ) - Wests Illawarra, Manly.

Shaun Timmins (1999-2004) - Kiama, Steelers, St George Illawarra.

David Waite (1973-74) - Wests Illawarra, Cronulla, Wests.

Harry Wells (1952-60) - Wollongong, South Sydney, Wests.

Rod Wishart (1991-96) - Gerringong, Steelers, St George Illawarra.

Craig Young (1978-84) - Corrimal, Thirroul, St George.

Dean Young (2010- ) - Dapto, St George Illawarra.

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