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Author: GR
Date: 04/12/2009
Words: 1190
Source: NCH
          Publication: Newcastle Herald
Section: TV Magazine
Page: 6


6.30pm The Bucket List (2008) Morgan Freeman, Jack Nicholson.

A terminally ill businessman and a mechanic dying from cancer form

an unlikely bond while in hospital and together they embark on a

road trip with a list of things to do before they die. (M) STARPICS

10.05 My Own Private Idaho (1991) Drama. River Phoenix,

Keanu Reeves. A boy who decides to rebel against his wealthy family

meets a teen on the streets and the two embark on a journey that

leads them to Idaho. Movie Greats


9.00pm OK Karaoke! (PG) MTV

9.30pm Heli-Loggers. Gord has a new, very eco-friendly job, for

his crew that involves working in some of the steepest terrain of

their careers. (PG) FOX8


7.00 Rides XXX. (PG) Discovery HD

7.30pm 2012: The Final Prophecy. The Mayans predicted WWI,

Hitler and the Spanish conquest of Central America, and their final

prophecy was a natural disaster of untold proportions on December

21, 2012. (PG) Nat Geo

8.30pm Extreme Fishing With Robson Green. LifeStyle



10.00pm Killer Bees (2008) Thriller. Janin Reinhardt, Klaus

J. Behrendt. A pretty doctor and her charming entomologist

counterpart compete in a deadly race against the clock when a

swarm of killer bees are released and threaten the lives of the entire

population of Majorca. World Movies

11.00pm From Hell (2001) Heather Graham, Johnny Depp.

Psychic inspector Abberline investigates a case with his down-toearth

partner and a vulnerable streetwalker (MA15+)

Showtime Action


11.30pm Radio 1s Big Weekend. Fresh from the release of their

third album Made in the Dark, Hot Chip entertained the crowds

at the BBC Radio One Weekend. BBC Radio 1s Big Weekend is the

largest free ticketed music event in Europe. (M) UK TV

11.30pm Glamour Girls. Amy has a career-changing decision to

make as she makes it to her first professional lads mag shoot. (M)

LifeStyle You


5.30pm One Hour Over Tokyo: The Doolittle Raid. (PG)


8.30pm Mumbai Terror Attacks. In November 2008, 10 gunmen

landed in Mumbai, killing 173 and injuring 308. Along with the

brave efforts of a few, unravel the terrorist plans and intelligence

failures that led to the catastrophe. (MA15+) Nat Geo



3.05pm The Good Witchs Garden (2009) Family. Catherine

Bell, Chris Potter. A woman, busily working on a bed-and-breakfast,

has an unexpected visit from a stranger claiming ownership of the

property. (PG) Showtime Premiere

8.30pm RocknRolla (2008) Action. Gerard Butler, Thandie

Newton, Idris Elba. After a property development scam, a criminal

finds a multi-million-dollar prize in his hands. Movie One


8.00pm The Naked Chef: Christmas In NY. Jamie spends

Christmas in New York and enjoys an early Christmas feast that is a

twist on the traditional. LifeStyle Food

8.30pm True Blood. Season final. The mayhem in Bon Temps

reaches fever pitch as Maryann prepares for her ultimate bestial

sacrifice. Showcase


6.30pm The Known Universe. Explore various things in the

universe and find out how they affect our understanding of the

cosmos. Nat Geo

7.00pm The Mystery Fish Of The Congo. Journey deep into the

heart of the African Congo to search for an elusive man-sized fish.

Nat Geo Wild

7.30pm Darwins Struggle: The Evolution Of The Origin of

Species. (PG) BBC Knowledge



4.40pm Dangerous Liaisons (1988) Drama. Uma Thurman, John

Malkovich. A classic tale of innocence, desire and sexual power in

the decadence of pre-Revolution France. (M) Movie Greats

5.15pm Stargate: Continuum (2008) Action. Ben Browder,

Michael Shanks. When their enemy attempts to erase the Stargate

program from history, SG-1 must restore time in an alternate

universe to save the world from total destruction. (M) Movie One

10.15pm Stay (2005) Drama. Ewan McGregor, Ryan Gosling. A

psychiatrist trying to prevent his patient from committing suicide

battles with his own identity. (M) Showtime Action


3.30pm Giada At Home. Join Everyday Italians Giada De

Laurentiis in her new cooking series. LifeStyle Food

8.30pm Opposite Sex: Renes Story. (M) Bio

11.40pm Giuliana & Bill. Giuliana works the red carpet at the

Teen Choice Awards. (PG) The Style Network


7.30pm Culinary History: The Evolution of Cooking  The

Roman Banquet. Learn to prepare a famous meal from this period

in history. History

9.30pm Weaponizers Medieval Mayhem. Things are getting

medieval as the team turns an old campervan into a machine of

rolling destruction. (PG) Discovery Science



4.55pm The Guard Post (2008) Horror. Ho-jin Chun, Cho Hyunjae.

After an entire army unit is found dead all that remains is the

prime suspect  a soldier wielding an axe. (MA15+)

World Movies

8.30pm Over Her Dead Body (2008) Comedy. Eva Longoria

Parker, Paul Rudd. When his fiancee is killed on their wedding day,

the grieving groom reluctantly sees a psychic and unexpectedly

begins to fall in love with her. (PG) Movie One


5.30pm Cuba: Wild Island of the Caribbean. Over half

the plants and animals found in Cuba are nowhere else

on earth and over 80 per cent of the reptiles and

amphibians are uniquely Cuban. (PG)

Animal Planet

8.20pm Ruby. The Style Network

8.30pm Satisfaction. Feathers will ruffle as

232 is busier than ever with two new working

girls. Stars Madeleine West. (MA15+)



7.30pm Meerkat Manor: The Next

Generation. (PG) Animal Planet

8.30pm Shark After Dark. Armed with the

latest in infrared heat-sensing cameras and

night-vision technology, a team of divers try to

learn more about shark behaviour after the sun

goes down. (PG) Discovery



6.40pm Take (2007)

Drama. Minnie Driver,

Jeremy Renner. The lives

of two people  a mother

of a special needs son

and a gambling addict

 interconnect through

tragedy forcing them to

face their own personal

demons. (M) Showtime


8.30pm A Complete

History Of My Sexual

Failures (2008).

Documentary. (MA15+)

Movie Extra


8.30pm I Married A

Princess. When Cappy, who has been

diagnosed with bipolar disorder goes

to the hospital, the family confronts

the issue head-on. (PG)

LifeStyle You

9.30pm Dexter. Dexter has shifted from freewheeling bachelor to

responsible husband and doting dad. (M) Showcase


7.30pm Ladies That Launch. (PG) Discovery Home & Health

8.30pm Who Do You Think You Are? (M) BBC Knowledge



6.30pm And When Did You Last See Your Father? (2007)

Drama. Colin Firth, Jim Broadbent. A father and son struggle to

come to terms with terminal illness and their long history of conflict.

(M) Showtime Premiere

8.30pm Feast Of Love (2008) Drama. Morgan

Freeman, Greg Kinnear. A man watches in awe

as love profoundly shapes the lives of everyone

around him  including himself. (MA15+)

Movie One


8.30pm Bad Girls Club.

Follow seven self-described

bad girls as they are forced to

live together in a house in LA.


9.20pm Junk Brothers.

How To Channel

9.30pm Coleens Real Women.

Coleen McLoughlin, wife of soccer

star Wayne Rooney, has been set the

challenge of finding naturally beautiful

women to be the faces of major brands.

(PG) LifeStyle You


2.30pm Natural World: Eagle

Island. (PG) Animal Planet

8.30pm Shark Attack File. The science

behind what triggers sharks to attack

at certain times of day, and what

rules humans should follow to avoid

incident. (PG) Discovery

9.00pm Superpride. Residing

in the central Serengeti is an

exceptional pride of 22 lions. (PG)

Nat Geo Wild

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