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National search for boy actor

Author: Christine Sams
Date: 13/07/2008
Words: 1127
Source: SHD
          Publication: Sun Herald
Section: S Insert
Page: 19
A talented youngster will play opposite Clive Owen.

SYDNEY boys have been invited to audition for the role of Clive Owen's son in the new Australian film The Boys Are Back In Town.

A letter sent to a selection of primary schools in Sydney reveals producers are searching for "an intelligent, confident, Caucasian five- to eight-year-old boy" to play the role of Owen's youngest son in the film. Scott Hicks, famed for his work on Shine, is directing the movie.

The casting search is nationwide, stretching from South Australia to North Queensland to find the right boy for the role.

Sydney agency Barrett Casting is responsible for finding the Aussie kid who will make his big-screen debut opposite one of Britain's best-known film stars. Some Sydney auditions have already taken place.

Hicks's film centres on the story of a sports journalist who becomes a single dad after losing his wife in tragic circumstances. Owen, who will play the leading role, will have two sons in the film - the one unearthed by the national search and another teenage actor, who is yet to be revealed. It will be made in Queensland and South Australia.

Owen is due to arrive here in September to begin filming. Although he is expected to have an intensive work schedule during the making of the movie, there is every likelihood Owen will visit Sydney during his time in Australia.

Aussie in Ron Howard film

KIMBERLEY JOSEPH, who made her name on television in Australia before relocating back to LA, has scored a role in the upcoming Ron Howard film Frost/Nixon.

The actor, who was born in Canada, appears in a cameo role as Aussie tennis legend Evonne Goolagong. (Although Goolagong, who later changed to her married name Evonne Cawley, is an indigenous woman, Joseph reportedly had the "right look" for the role).

Joseph's manager Rob Marsala emailed from the US, confirming the actor makes an appearance in Howard's film. But perhaps unusually for someone who is involved in such a big-budget production, Joseph is keeping her involvement low-key.

"Her role in Frost/Nixon is more along the lines of a cameo so I don't think it would be appropriate to make too much of a deal about it from our end," wrote Marsala in an email to S. Of course, Joseph gained a large audience in the UK when she scored a role in Cold Feet, not to mention her appearance in Lost in the US. She is hoping the Frost/Nixon role will lead to bigger film roles in the North American market.

Frost/Nixon centres on the retelling of the post-Watergate television interviews between British talk-show host David Frost and former president Richard Nixon. A stage production of the same name has already been staged in Broadway and London's West End. Howard's film features stars including Kevin Bacon and Matthew Macfadyen.

Veronicas on holiday

JESS and Lisa Origliasso from the Veronicas arrive back in Australia this week, hoping for a holiday after a relentless round of US touring.

The twins will take time out in their home state of Queensland until mid-August, a spokeswoman from their record label Warner Music has confirmed.

Jess's partner Azaria, from the Follow, will be taking a break with the singer (one wonders whether Ruby Rose, Jess's close friend from MTV, will be catching up to say hello). No doubt Lisa Origliasso will also be kept busy, discussing wedding plans with Neighbours star and fellow pop crooner Dean Geyer.

Although the twins are hoping to keep a low-profile during their return home, they may appear at a couple of promotional events, depending on their willingness to jump on planes from Brisbane to Sydney.

They have been touted as star guests at the Sydney breakfast launch of fashion magazine Grazia next Monday (July 21) although their rep said "We haven't said we'll be there for sure. They are having a break - but we're waiting to see whether they will come down to Sydney."

The twins spent last week playing shows in California. The video for their song Untouched made its US debut on MTV on Wednesday night.

Tall poppy syndrome sucks

PETE MURRAY is a gentle, laid-back singer but he has some pretty strong views about Australia's "tall poppy" syndrome.

The singer, who hasn't suffered from it too much himself (despite his No.1 success), has revealed it's the one thing he hates about Australian culture.

"The music industry's never an easy thing for a lot of people. You can have a lot of people that don't like you, you can have a lot of people that are jealous of you. You know what I really don't like in Australia is the tall poppy syndrome - tall poppy sucks ... it's bad for some people that cop it," Murray said.

"I haven't copped it so I'm not complaining about me. I'm just complaining about the whole thing. It's like 'you jealous dickhead, go away and crawl into a hole' ... it's a terrible thing."

Murray released his new single Saving Grace last week and the singer is preparing for his national Eureka tour throughout August and September.


LaPaglia's goalie role

Hollywood star Anthony LaPaglia went behind the scenes during filming of Football Superstar while he was at home in Sydney but ended up in front of the camera. When LaPaglia was here last month he popped over to Macquarie Oval (Sydney FC's training ground) to watch filming and ended up making an impromptu appearance as a goalie in the show. (The contestants apparently showed him a thing or two.) The episode featuring LaPaglia airs on Foxtel on Thursday at 7.30pm. Host Brian McFadden also dons his soccer boots for a football match during the show.


Delta's US exposure

Delta Goodrem has been booked to make an appearance on The View, the US television chat show featuring Barbara Walters and other high-profile female panellists. Goodrem is expected to sing live on the show with her performance being beamed to millions of viewers as part of a major promotional push.


Hypnotic Heath

Heath Ledger is truly spellbinding in The Dark Knight. His brilliance as The Joker makes the tragedy of his loss even sadder. Behold Ledger's extraordinary physicality as an actor on screen - the flicker of a tongue, a slick of his hair, his walk, his voice, his hands - the Joker's intense mania is magnetising.


Local boy makes good

Sam Sparro, the Sydney-raised pop singer who has wowed British audiences, has returned to Australia for a promotional tour. Sparro flew into Melbourne last week but arrives in Sydney tomorrow before a show at the Oxford Art Factory in Darlinghurst on Wednesday night and a VIP after-party at Ivy.

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