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Switched on

Author: By Greg Hassall
Date: 17/11/2003
Words: 373
Source: SMH
          Publication: Sydney Morning Herald
Section: The Guide
Page: 2
New face for Feedback

Former Behind the News presenter Krista Eleftheriou will take over as host of the ABC's viewer-reaction program Feedback next year. She replaces Indira Naidoo, who will finish work on the show when her contract expires next month. The ABC says it is sad to lose Naidoo but hopes to work with her again. She has hosted the show since its debut last year.

Donovan on the paper trail

MDA's Jason Donovan joins former Stingers star Anita Hegh in a 90-minute ABC telemovie to start filming in Melbourne this week. Peregrine - The Dead Float follows the adventures of a forensic accountant (Donovan), hired by his former wife (Hegh) to track down a missing mobster. First he has to unravel a paper trail left by the mobster - a share float that caused small investors to lose millions and triggered the suicide of his ex-wife's brother.

The movie will be shot over four weeks from a script by John O'Brien. Shawn Seet is directing.

New look for Secret Life

Filming also starts in Melbourne this week on the fourth series of The Secret Life of Us, and there are some major cast changes. Only Deborah Mailman, David Tredinnick and Samuel Johnson remain from the original cast, and Johnson will bow out after six episodes.

Michael Dorman and Sullivan Stapleton return from last season but Sibylla Budd, Spencer McLaren, Dan Spielman, Gigi Edgley and Nina Liu have all left the show.

Newcomers include Brooke Harman, as Evan and Kelly's new flatmate Bree, and Alexandra Schepisi, Stephen Curry and Anna Torv (pictured) as three flatmates sharing a unit in the same block.

Crikey, he's everywhere

The Animal Planet channel will be available to Foxtel subscribers from December 1 in a deal announced last week. Until now, Animal Planet was available only to Optus and Austar subscribers. Animal Planet, a joint venture between the BBC Worldwide and Discovery Communications, is broadcast to 200 million viewers in more than 70 countries. Its line-up includes Steve Irwin's The Crocodile Hunter and documentaries by Sir David Attenborough.

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