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The Sydney Morning Herald

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Date: 13/06/2005
Words: 207
Source: SMH
          Publication: Sydney Morning Herald
Section: The Guide
Page: 12
Joseph Conrad's The Secret Agent

(1996) Showtime Greats, 6.50pm

Less acclaimed than Sabotage - Hitchcock's 1936 version of Conrad's story - this British adaptation features a formidable cast. In 1890s London, Bob Hoskins is Verloc, a duplicitous spy who feeds titbits to Jim Broadbent's cop and Eddie Izzard's Russian ambassador. If Gerard Depardieu, Patricia Arquette and Christian Bale aren't careful, Robin Williams will explode them all.

Meet the Barkers

MTV, 7pm

Sticking true to the reality TV format it helped pioneer with The Real World, MTV's latest offering is Meet the Barkers, which premieres tonight. Like stablemate The Osbournes, it's the tale of a rocker and his family: Travis Barker, drummer with pop/punk band Blink 182. In his spare time, Barker enjoys getting tattoos, buying Cadillacs and hanging out with his ex-model wife Shanna (his second) and young son. Following at 7.30pm is Power Girls, in which four New York PR women bitch and moan while vying for a place on Lizzie Grubman's team.

In the Womb

National Geographic, 7.30pm

The second in a two-part series following a human life from conception to birth. Via ultrasounds, a foetus is shown hearing noises and experiencing REM sleep during its final trimester in the womb.

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