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The Sydney Morning Herald

Pay TV

Author: Robin Oliver
Date: 31/12/2007
Words: 435
Source: SMH
          Publication: Sydney Morning Herald
Section: The Guide
Page: 16

UK-TV, 6.30pm

Who did murder Tom King, fine, upstanding soapie rogue that he was (and admirably played by Kenneth Farrington, pictured)? UK-TV has been running a competition to find out which one of 10 suspects the viewers think dunnit. The prize is a trip to England to visit the remaining cast on the set. But is there ingenuity afoot? Of necessity, the program runs here some months later than Britain, where a similar competition was held. Now, you can search the heavens via Mr Google's extensive resources and not find a clue, or you can cheat and call a friend in the Old Dart to find out who the guilty party was, but there is surely a healthy suspicion that, not for the first time in soapland, an alternative ending was filmed, possibly to confuse the cast and so avoid the secret leaking out? The 10 suspects might all be forgiven for wanting Tom dead. So was it his money-hungry ex-wife, Rosemary? Or one of his three sons, Jimmy, Carl and Matthew, who were never a patch for nastiness on their dear old dad? Or perhaps Chastity Dingle, whom Tom never considered good enough for Carl? Then there's the heartbroken Len Reynolds. Or perhaps Grayson Sinclair, whom Tom blackmailed, or Terry Woods, the victim of Tom's interference in his personal life? Finally Bob and Jamie Hope, who lost their daughter as the result of one of Tom's dodgy business adventures. Whatever the outcome tonight, Emmerdale fans will still be mourning the loss of Tom, one of the most enjoyable villains on the box.

Gotti's Way

MTV, 5pm

After discovering rap stars Jay-Z and DMX and so reviving the dying Def Jam recording label, artist and recording rep Irv Gotti was rewarded with his own recording company, Murder Inc, and unsuccessfully promoted hip-hoppers Ja Rule and J. Lo as chart toppers. Then, early in 2003, the FBI raided the offices of Murder Inc. and brought charges of money laundering against Gotti. It cost a few million in legal fees and one or two careers but late in 2005 all charges against Gotti were dropped. Now he has set out to reclaim his position as a starmaker.

A Room With A View

(1986) Movie Greats, 8.30pm

How to spend less than $5 million and win three Oscars into the bargain (for Ruth Prawer Jhabvala's adpatation of E.M. Forster's novel of British manners abroad, art direction and costume design) plus superb performances from Maggie Smith, Judi Dench, Denholm Elliott, Daniel Day Lewis and Helena Bonham Carter. Filmed on location in Florence.

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