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Illawarra Mercury

First-footing down memory lane

Date: 31/12/1999
Words: 510
          Publication: Illawarra Mercury
Section: Applause
Page: 43
WE ALL know how successful shows such as The Bionic Woman, Seinfeld, Charlie's Angels, Happy Days and Time Tunnel became.

But can we remember the episodes that introduced us to characters who became household names?

To help jog our memory, TV1 will welcome the new year with a marathon dose of nostalgia when it presents the first episodes of a wide array of television series which went on to captivate our hearts.

From the two-part special on The Bionic Woman through to Australia's own Young Talent Time, this is a television fan's dream cure for the festive season hangover.

Other offerings include Starsky and Hutch, Mission Impossible, Land of the Giants, Barbarella, Cheers, Mad About You and Hogan's Heroes.

It's a blast from the past and you'll revel in the silliness of it all. The marathon screening begins at 6.30am on January 1 and runs for 24 hours.

NICKELODEON is making a new year's resolution that is also a revolution for its children's entertainment. There will be more of it every day.

From Sunday, January 2, Nickelodeon Australia will extend viewing hours from 8.30pm to 10pm seven days a week, taking its total to 16 hours per day.

Regular Nickelodeon favourites will be joined in 2000 by the shows Grange Hill, Doogie Howser and Sister Sister while Friday nights will feature a new block of programming called Nickelozone, approved by both parents and children in surveys.

The channel will also see in the new year with a documentary screening for a continuous 24 hours.

Nickellennium is believed to be the largest multi-media event ever created for and about kids and will be broadcast in 122 countries and 10 languages.

It focuses on children's hopes, dreams and fears as they enter the new millennium and includes comments from Australian children.

For the past year, Nickelodeon channels around the world have asked children between the ages of eight and 14 how they see both their future and the future of the world in the next 1000 years.

The documentary screens from midnight on January 1 and runs for 24 hours.

THE Lifestyle Channel is stripping back society's layers with an intimate look at the home truths, obsessions and anxieties that occur at various times in the life cycle.

Naked, a four-part series, deals individually with the periods generally referred to as adolescence, people's prime, middle age and old age.

Why does a child who is deaf care more about having a nose job than regaining her hearing? Can men feel sexually harassed by women? Why is a middle-aged man only attracted to women under 20 and is old age a liberating experience?

The comments are frank and surprising.

If you thought you were the only one who thought life was out of control, think again. The world is not an easy place in which to live.

Naked premieres on The Lifestyle Channel on Tuesday, January 4 at 8pm.

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