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Date: 25/06/1988
Words: 443
          Publication: Sun Herald
Section: Sport
Page: 74
GREAT BRITAIN have major problems in trying to name their team for next Tuesday night's second Test against Australia.

Three key players, centre David Stephenson, halfback Andy Gregory, and second-rower Andy Platt, have injuries that could keep them out of the Test.

To add to the uncertainty, the Great Britain team yesterday had to play Wide Bay and use a number of their Test players.

While they were battling it out at Wide Bay, the Australian team took things easily after a brisk training run.

The program designed by the Australian League and agreed to by the English League has been a tough one for the tourists.

It seems incredible and bad management on the English League's part that they would agree to a match just three days before the Test.

While the English team management is upset about the arrangements, it was agreed to by England.

Until a training session this morning, the coach, Mal Reilly, will not be able to name the team he hopes will square the series.

The key to his selection is halfback, Andy Gregory, who tore a hamstring muscle during an extra training session.

Gregory went for a long run and as he was travelling downhill, he tore the muscle.

He is hopeful of playing, but at this stage, is doubtful.

Reilly will give him every opportunity, but he will have to be able to run today for him to take the field.

Stephenson, who played in the first Test, dislocated his shoulder in the match at Toowoomba.

He was given no chance of playing but he now believes he could be right.

Reilly will give him a session on the tackling bags to check if his shoulder can stand up to the rigours of taking on Michael O'Connor or Peter Jackson.

With Garry Schofield out of the Test, Reilly is considering shifting Phil Ford to the centre.

Ford played on the right-wing in the first Test, and caused the Australian defence some problems.


G Jack, A Ettingshausen, M O'Connoor, P Jackson, T Currie, W Lewis (c), P Sterling, P Daley, G Conescu, S Backo, W Fullerton Smith, P Vautin, W Pearce. Reserves: G Belcher, B Lindner.

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