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The Sydney Morning Herald


Date: 11/09/1988
Words: 824
          Publication: Sydney Morning Herald
Section: Special Supplement
Page: 3
3.05: Jason Alchin, first player on the field 10 minutes after original schedule.

3.07: Garry Jack just manages to break through massive black and gold banner saluting the Tigers historic charge.

3.09: Glenn Shorrock leads crowd in singing National Anthem.

3.10: Paul Langmack runs from field for last-second drink of water. 12-year-old Cronulla fan Matthew Bradley kicks off to Ben Elias.

3.11: Terry Lamb gets the 1988 Winfield grand final under way kicking off to Gary Freeman.

3.12: First penalty to Balmain - Canterbury offside. Brawl erupts after Paul Langmack hits Elias with a forearm in the back.

3.15: First penalty to Canterbury - Balmain offside. Another scuffle after Tunks looks to have felled Elias.

3.16: Tunks given 10 minutes in the sin-bin for treading on Elias.

3.17: Lamb penalty goal. Canterbury 2-0.

3.20: Balmain first scrum win. Balmain penalty after Langmack caught inside the five. Conlon misses penalty goal from 43 metres out in front of the posts

3.23: Michael Pobjie and Lamb in minor melee. Touch judge on to report incident.

3.26: Tunks back on the field.

3.27: Penalty against Michael Neil for offside. Lamb kicks goal from 22 metres out 5-metres to the left. Canterbury 4-0.

3.29: Elias hit high by Paul Dunn after putting a kick through. No action taken.

3.30: Penalty against Canterbury for interference in a tackle on Russel Gartner. Pearce elects not to give Conlon a shot from 33 metres out on the touchline.

3.32: Elias scores first try of the grand final after his bomb ricochetes off Neil's head into a favourable position. Conlon's conversion from in front gives Balmain 6-4 lead for first time.

3.38: Hanley pummels Jason Alchin in a great tackle after following through a Neil bomb.

3.39: Hanley out cold after making a tackle. A Wayne Pearce bust and grubber leads to nothing. 3.41: Hanley assisted from field by two Balmain officials. Scott Gale on. Canterbury first scrum win.

3.43: Nissen is unable to gather Folkes grubber kick in the corner.

3.46: Michael Hagan scores Canterbury's first try and the Bulldogs regain the lead. Lamb's conversion makes it 10-6. Steve Edmed on, Kerry Hemsley off.

3.48: After dropping the ball from the kick-off, Langmack is penalised for raking the ball away from Gale.

3.49: Lamb kicks a penalty goal from 16-metres out just to the right of the posts. Canterbury 12-6.

3.50: Hanley returns from head-bin, Gale off. Langmack runs to sideline holding his right elbow but is not replaced.

3.51: Canterbury go into half-time with a 12-6 lead.

4.07: Players return. Hanley replaced at half-time, Gale on.

4.08: Conlon restarts play.

4.12: Gartner try-saving tackle on Robin Thorne stops him two metres from the Tigers' line.

4.14: Touch judge comes on to report a scuffle between Tunks and Edmed.

4.16: Gartner throws a wild inside pass as he is being forced into touch deep in his own territory on the first tackle. Lamb swoops on the ball to put Canterbury on the attack.

4.18: Dunne and Joe Thomas are stopped inches from the line as the Bulldogs try to extend their lead. David Gillespie try in the corner. Lamb misses conversion from touch. Canterbury 14-8.

4.19: Record crowd of 40,000 announced.

4.27: Brandon Lee starts warming up after a distressed Peter Tunks is examined by the Canterbury doctor on the sideline.

4.28: Edmed throws a sloppy pass on the second tackle cruelling a Balmain attacking raid.

4.29: Elias wins the first tight-head of the game putting Balmain on the attack inside Canterbury's quarter. Edmed throws another loose pass again on the second tackle.

4.32: A Gale chip over the top is gathered by Hagan.

4.33: Lamb try next to the post and his conversion makes it 20-8.

4.35: Lee on, Tunks off. Balmain fans start trickling out of the stadium.

4.38: Steve Mortimer is greeted by cheers as he starts limbering up on the sideline.

4.39: Nissen try. Hagan off, Mortimer on.

4.40: Lamb misses conversion, Canterbury 24-8.

4.43: Mark Bugden on for Thomas. Darren McCarthy on for Tony Currie.

4.44: Hardwick on for Brooks. Phil Gould comes down from the stand and on to the sideline and the celebrations begin.

4.46: Bruce McGuire try. Conlon misses conversion. Canterbury 24-12.

4.49: Steve Mortimer is the last person to handle the ball.

4.50: Canterbury win 24-12. Dunn is announced the winner of the Clive Churchill medal for the Player-of-the-Match.

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