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Author: By Peter Christopher
Date: 26/09/1992
Words: 429
          Publication: The Sun Herald
Section: News and Features
Page: 3
THE scream team of rugby league commentary, Peter "Zorba" Peters and Greg"Hollywood" Hartley, will call their last grand final together today.

The Decibel Duo - as they became known during their 11 years together -will take separate career paths in 1993.

"It's going to be a sad moment at around about 4.30 today," Peters said.

"For more than a decade we've laughed and abused each other on air and the special thing is we've remained mates. It's been a Laurel and Hardy relationship and it just won't be the same.

"But I think further down the track we'll be together again."

Peters said the split was for financial reasons - although a final decision had not been made it appeared certain Hartley would accept an offer from 2GB. Jon Harker and John McCoy currently head the 2GB team.

"Greg told me on Friday that it would be our last call together, so he's obviously made up his mind," Peters said.

Peters is contracted with 2KY until the end of 1993, but Hartley's contract has finished.

In the early '80s when they were with 2GB, the team "revolutionised" league on radio by being the first tandem call. Their success dragged enormous amounts of money into 2GB's coffers and helped the station maintain its No 1 ranking for many years.

They had the top-rating league call on Saturdays and Sundays until they left 2GB for 2KY in 1990. Because of 2KY's racing commitments, Peters and Hartley could only call league on Sundays and 2UE soon overtook them in the ratings.

"We called the first match together in 1982 - North Sydney against St George," Peters recalled. "I told him to keep his day job."

Greg Hartley had been a flamboyant and controversial first grade referee before switching to radio. Peters is one of Sydney's top sporting journalists

Greg Hartley couldn't be contacted for comment yesterday.

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