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The Age

Ruby is a comic gem

Date: 31/03/1993
Words: 308
          Publication: The Age
Section: Green Guide
Page: 2
Saturday The Full Wax Channel 2, 11.55pm RUBY WAX is back on late-night ABC-TV with a new hilarious six-part chat show. If you haven't caught up with any of Ms Wax's BBC comedy shows before, don't miss this one. It's her best so far.

An American living in Britain, Ruby Wax's routine is the pushy Jewish American Princess who, underneath all her sharp one-liners and put- downs, really has a heart of gold. Removed from her Chicago origins and let loose on the English, she is in a perfect position to undermine the repressed Brits while also having a go at American ...

well, stupidity.

Her half-hour show follows the same format each week. She opens with a self-referential monologue, goes into a film of her going on the warpath into some hapless celebrity's home (in Episode One Joanna Lumley is the willing and very funny victim), then does an interview on her host set which is done out like a badly decorated London loft.

These interviews are usually with movie stars (Lauren Bacall this week, James Belushi, Teri Garr and Rupert Everett in coming weeks) who candidly respond to Ruby's merciless lunge for the metaphorical jugular. Jennifer Saunders, meanwhile, hangs about in the background as an unemployed comic forced to be Ruby's lackey.

The funniest segment of this show, however, is a weekly cross to New York comic ``Taffy Turner", who does a five-minute news report Inside America with Taffy Turner. Apparently basing the routine on a former NBC Today reporter who did a segment called Thank God It's Friday, Taffy is given to rapid-fire rhetorical statements that conclude with ``Surprising? Not really!" and ``This is Taffy Turner inside America _ so you don't have to be".

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