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The Sydney Morning Herald


Author: By SUE LECKY
Date: 29/04/1994
Words: 658
          Publication: Sydney Morning Herald
Section: News and Features
Page: 4
The radio station which brought Sydney listeners the first ball-by-ball description of a Test cricket match from England opened a new chapter last night when it became an adult music station on the FM band.

MIX 106.5 FM, formerly 2UW, joined the tussle for control of the lucrative FM market when it began broadcasting at midnight.

2UW's owners, Sydney's Albert family, paid $9 million two years ago to convert 2UW to FM but the re-launch has been frustrated by legislative and transmission delays.

Mr Tony Albert, managing director of 2UW's parent company, Australian Radio Network, said MIX would "open the door to a new era in broadcasting".

MIX hopes to emulate the success of another FM convert, 2WS, and will target listeners aged from 25 to 54 with an "uncompromising" adult music format.

The station's program director, Ms Cherie Romaro, said yesterday that MIX FM expected to win listeners from all of its FM rivals - 2DAY FM, Triple M and 2WS.

"Our competitors often play adult contemporary music but mix in either young stuff or, in 2WS's case, music to suit the oldies," Ms Romaro said.

"Our listeners won't be likely to hear Mariah Carey mixed in with INXS. They're more likely to hear Mariah Carey and Michael Bolton with us."

Australian Radio Network has used the formula successfully in Melbourne, where its other FM convert, TT-FM, tops the ratings.

Ranked ninth in the most recent ratings survey, 2UW has suffered an erosion of its audience since 2WS converted to the FM band halfway through last year.

Conversion to FM brought immediate success for 2WS's ratings, although listeners have begun drifting away recently.

The MIX line-up is: Mike Carlton breakfast; George Moore mornings; Paul James afternoons; Trevor Sinclair drive time; and Dave Dunlay nights.

2DAY FM's general manager, Ms Cathy O'Connor, did not think the new station would have a significant impact on 2DAY.

"A new station always brings a degree of sampling but the station that wins in the long term will be the one that services its particular listener base in the best way," Ms O'Connor said.

2UW made its first broadcast from a studio in Elizabeth Street, Sydney, in 1925.

It provided the first short-wave descriptions of the English Derby and the Grand National, as well as the first broadcasts from Wimbledon. Its other claim to fame was Dad & Dave, which ended in 1964 after 28 years.


MIX FM 106.5 Sydney's newest FM station

starts after paying $9 million

to convert from AM. Owned by

the Albert family

JJJ-FM 105.7 ABC's national youth network

2MMM-FM 104.9 Contemporary rock.Was Sydney's

undisputed music leader in the

80's. Now in fourth spot.

Taken over by Village Roadshow.

2DAY-FM 104.1 Contemporay rock. Has been

Sydney's leading music station

since early 1992.

Owned by Austereo.

2WS-FM 101.7 Hits and memories. Converted

to FM in June 1993 and went

straight to Number 3 with a

13.7 rating. Owned by Wesgo.

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