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The Sydney Morning Herald

Red in your face

Author: Sacha Molitorisz
Date: 22/10/1995
Words: 190
          Publication: Sydney Morning Herald
Section: THE GUIDE
Page: 6
MUSIC video programs have come a long way since the days when Richard Wilkins hosted the local, diluted version of MTV.

Overseas, 24-hour MTV has developed into an intriguing blend of the inane and the interesting where programs such as 120 Minutes, a bastion of alternative music, sit snarling beside chart-topping lightweights on high rotation. Locally, the ABC's Rage powers ever onward.

Also locally, Galaxy's Red is making a name for itself as perhaps the most innovative effort of the lot. Hosted by a trio of young and charismatic figureheads - Jabba (pictured above), Leah Purcell and Toni Pearen - the fledgling station continually surprises.

"We're really concerned with getting a look to Red so that it's not just a video-clip channel," Jabba says. "So things like the gossip and the interviews are really important."

Barely six months old, Red is still creating that look. As of today, however, when the launch of Foxtel broadcasts Red into thousands more homes, the direction may change. Says Jabba: "The subscriber has the power, so it's all about who rings up and what they want to see. We are trying to build rapport with the people watching."

Today's highlights include a Tom Waits concert recorded in Texas and a special on Australian music that includes Radio Birdman and The Celibate Rifles.

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