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In a bit of a stew

Date: 12/10/1996
Words: 529
          Publication: Sun Herald
Section: NEWS
Page: 100
BETTER Homes And Gardens chef Belinda Jeffery has been forced to switch off her oven and put her food processor away after being laid low by back surgery.

Her three-week confinement has left the producers of the Channel 7 show in a hole and they've scrambled to find celebrity chefs to don the apron.

Hosts Noni Hazlehurst and John Jarratt will fill in one week and Sydney restaurateur Steve Manfredi will do another.

Sportsmen Greg Matthews and Robert DiPierdomenico (nicknamed "Dipper" because no-one can pronounce his surname) will prove men really do know the difference between a microwave oven and an egg-beater when they take their turn.


FULL Frontal star and Guru of 2DAY-FM's breakfast team Peter Moon has joined pay TV general entertainment channel TV1 to present the series Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous.

TV1, on Foxtel and Galaxy, will start screening the look into the lives of people who don't get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day from November 4. Aging Baywatch star David Hasselhoff is the first celebrity to show off his material world.

Moon, who admits to being careful with his own cash, is keen to see how others spend theirs: "As anyone who knows me will realise, I am renowned as tight-fisted and even if I was rich and famous I'd still live like a peasant."

Good to see stardom hasn't gone to his head.


CHANNEL 10's adrenalin-pumped drama Medivac might need emergency surgery to boost its local ratings but that has not stopped foreign buyers snapping it up.

The series, which stars Graeme Blundell, Grant Bowler and Nicholas Eadie, has been sold to New Zealand, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Scandinavia's TV3 was so keen to acquire the series, a sale was negotiated before Medivac was presented to overseas buyers at the international TV trade fair, MIPCOM, in Cannes last week.


HITZ-FM is coming to Sydney. The Melbourne-based community youth station upset top-rating stations when it won 15.1 per cent of the ratings from the 10-17 age bracket and 12.8pc of the 18-24 age bracket in its first test broadcast.

Run by and for young people and playing only music less than five years old, HITZ-FM Sydney's first test broadcast will run from November 6 to December 5 on 96.9FM.


GRANT Dodwell, best-known for playing the lovable Simon in A Country Practice, has a guest role in the ABC's new drama, Fallen Angels.

Set in a community legal centre in the western suburbs, Fallen Angels will go to air next year.

Former Echo Point starlet Rose Byrne has also scored a guest role in the series, playing a lipstick lesbian.


IT'S not easy when you're a struggling young would-be actor and your dad's a hot-shot Hollywood producer. Just ask Randy Spelling, son of Aaron (Dynasty, Dallas, Melrose Place, etc) Spelling.

While Randy scored a role in Spelling senior's latest teen soap, Malibu Shores, he's not too sure about joining dad's new daytime offering, Sunset Beach. The word is that the producers and the network want Randy, but he's worried about that nepotism thing. Understandable, really, given that his older sister Tori has made a career out of appearing in her father's productions.

Another young heart-throb tipped for a role is Ashley Hamilton, the short-lived husband of former Beverly Hills 90210 brat Shannon Doherty.


CHANNEL 7's new programmer, Kimberly Scott, starts work at Epping at the end of the month. Scott, the former head of publicity at Channel 10, replaces David Mott, who in a classic case of musical chairs, has left Seven for Ten. Mott is replacing Kristin Marlow, who quit her programming job last month.

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