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Illawarra Mercury

Alle keeps abreast of the music industry

Date: 07/11/1997
Words: 350
          Publication: Illawarra Mercury
Section: Applause
Page: 35
AT just 21, Alle Brunning is not shy about fighting for what she wants.

The former television presenter and actor was working at Sydney's 2DAYFM when she heard about Channel [V], East Coast Television's revamped music channel.

A long-time music fan who was keen to return to television, Brunning took the initiative and rang the channel bosses to introduce herself.

Her determination paid off when, after reviewing her resume and giving her a screen test, they offered her a job.

Two months later she's "totally happy", settling in to the demands of the job and creating a vibrant screen personality to add colour to a lively program mix.

As the youngest VJ at Channel [V], Brunning is being given plenty of opportunity to hone her skills by interviewing bands, reviewing films and CDs and writing her own on-screen material.

It is, she says, "more than what she expected" and a reaffirmation that television is her future.

"It's the place I want to be," she said.

"It's a lot of fun and I find that I like being in front of the camera where you can be yourself.

"On radio I found it harder to hype myself up but this is a great job.

"I tend to just dive in and go for what I want, concentrate on what I'm doing and not look to the future."

Television is certainly not a new field for Brunning. As well as working as a presenter on Beyond 2000, completing an animal show pilot and appearing in numerous commercials, Brunning is best known for her stint on the Australian teen drama, Heartbreak High.

Appearing as a featured extra in one episode, Brunning impressed producers enough to be offered a six-month role, this time as a regular named Lucy.

Channel [V] is introducing her to yet another facet of the world of television and broadening her understanding of the music industry.

"The hardest thing is keeping up with all of the bands," she said.

"There's more out there than most people will ever see and I try not to let my own tastes and beliefs colour the interviews or reviews I do."

So what sort of music does she like?

Brunning admits her tastes have changed a bit since starting with Channel [V] but lists The Tonic, Bush and Alanis Morrisette as favourites.

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