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Newcastle Herald

minute by minute

Date: 28/09/1998
Words: 665
          Publication: Newcastle Herald
Section: Sport
Page: 58
01 minute: Brisbane kicks off.

03m: Last-minute inclusion Michael Devere, who started ahead of Michael Hancock, scores in left corner for Brisbane after Canterbury centre Willie Talau spilled the ball 20m from his line. Canterbury protests that Talau had been stripped of the ball in two-man tackle. Darren Lockyer converts from near touch. Brisbane 6-0.

11m: Canterbury winger Darryl Halligan slots 18m penalty goal after referee Bill Harrigan rules Brisbane offside. Brisbane 6-2.

14m: Canterbury five-eighth Craig Polla-Mounter leaves field for medical attention.

15m: Lockyer pulls off a try-saving tackle on Bulldog halfback Corey Hughes and seconds later slaps the ball over the dead ball line to kill a dangerous Canterbury grubber kick.

20m: Canterbury forward Troy Stone leaves field clutching right wrist.

21m: Lockyer forced from field with a facial injury after making a desperate tackle on Bulldog centre Shane Marteene, who was on his way to the line.

22m: With Lockyer in obvious trouble on the sideline, Canterbury forward Tony Grimaldi muscles his way over the line near the posts after Hughes popped a pass while on his knees. Canterbury 6-6.

23m: Halligan converts. Canterbury 8-6.

28m: Canterbury winger Gavin Lester turns over the ball with Brisbane players queued up on the left. Reserve forward Kevin Campion scores in the same corner as Devere. Replays provoked some doubt he grounded the ball in Lester's tackle but Harrigan declined to consult the video referee. Brisbane 10-8. Lockyer misses difficult conversion.

31m: Bulldogs forward Steve Price gallops past Brisbane forward Gorden Tallis before off-loading to Talau, who had too much momentum for an injured Lockyer to stop. Canterbury 12-8. Halligan unsuccessful with wide angle conversion.

40m: Canterbury fullback Rod Silva comes up with try-saving tackle of Brisbane centre Darren Smith, who was in the clear down the right touchline.

Half-time: Canterbury 12, Brisbane 10.

42m: Harrigan awards Brisbane a second set of six tackles from which Langer finds a flying Tonie Carroll who storms past Hughes, Price and Silva like a runaway freight train. Brisbane 14-12. Lockyer converts. Brisbane 16-12.

50m: Langer slips brilliant inside ball to Steve Renouf on the fly, who was pulled down by a sensational last-ditch Silva tackle. Brisbane winger Wendell Sailor scores wide out from next play. Brisbane 20-12. Lockyer conversion unsuccessful.

59m: Canterbury winger Halligan fields Langer kick only to be driven five metres backwards in goal.

60m: Harrigan awards Brisbane extra six tackles after some desperate Bulldog defence. Tallis dummies out of dummy half and dives American-style over two Canterbury players to score under posts. Brisbane 24-12. Lockyer converts 26-12.

66m: Sailor disallowed what would have been a sensational try after kicking ahead but failing to ground the ball but Brisbane received a penalty after Canterbury forward Robert Relf took Langer out of the play.

67m: Silva grabs an intercept and runs 75m before being collared. Harrigan rules Silva off-side but play continues for a minute in Brisbane's 20m zone while Canterbury players remonstrate with Harrigan 80m back.

68m: Brisbane hooker Phillip Lee scores Brisbane's sixth try from the resumption. Brisbane 30-12. Lockyer converts 32-12.

75m: Langer finds Carroll at pace before he presents Canterbury-bound Darren Smith a grand final try to remember. Brisbane 36-12. Lockyer kicks fifth goal. Brisbane 38-12.

80m: Langer takes last tackle to end game.

Fulltime: Brisbane 38 beat Canterbury 12.

Penalties: 5-3 (Canterbury)

Clive Churchill Medal for Man of the Match: Gorden Tallis (Brisbane).

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