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Author: Greg Hassall
Date: 25/05/2009
Words: 356
Source: SMH
          Publication: Sydney Morning Herald
Section: The Guide
Page: 8
Home And Away

Seven, 7.30pm

If there were any doubts the recession is starting to bite, Jeremy Sims joining Home And Away should dispel them. Surely money's not that tight?

Snobbery aside, Sims does look to be having a lot of fun here, playing nasty Gardy with real menace. In fact, he's so convincing, the effect is surreal, as if he were acting in some parallel universe.

Tonight Gardy bullies Roman into carrying out an armed robbery and things almost go horribly wrong when an elderly customer has a heart attack. Gardy, however, is unmoved by the close call or Roman's remorse and the way he toys with Roman as they make their escape is genuinely creepy.

The rest of the episode, however, is the usual mix of teen angst and high melodrama. Trey tells Nicole about his body issues, Alf, Miles and Hugo search for a shark and someone is slipping hip flasks of gin under Irene's prison cell door. Weird.

10 Years Younger In 10 Days

Seven, 9.30pm

With its casual promotion of cosmetic surgery and insistence that beauty is on the outside, this show is wrong in so many ways. Yet the makeover narrative is an appealing one, the fairytale reveal hard to resist.

Tonight a lovely couple from Melbourne, Michael and Natasha, endure a brutal regime of plastic surgery, Botox injections, liposuction and dental surgery, overseen by a bevy of airbrushed experts whose bruised lips and permanently startled expressions should have struck a cautionary note.

Nevertheless, Michael and Natasha emerge from the ordeal looking better than when they went in and seem genuinely thrilled with the results.

Artscape: Artists At Work - Alasdair Macintyre

ABC1, 10pm

The success of this occasional series depends very much on its subject and tonight's Brisbane artist Alasdair Macintyre is not one of its brightest stars.

Macintyre is a practising Catholic who specialises in making model figures, describing his work as "Shock Of The New meets Sesame Street".

He's a thoughtful, talented bloke but has the misfortune of sounding a lot like Kevin Rudd if you close your eyes. Perhaps like children, art is best seen and not heard.

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