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Date: 24/08/1996
Words: 559
          Publication: Sun Herald
Section: Television
Page: 14
Hey Hey It's The Comedians II

* Monday, Channel 9 - 7.30pm

Get ready to sit back and laugh at the cream of international and Australian funny men and women who've appeared on Hey Hey It's Saturday. Among the gagsters in this compilation special: Elliot Goblet, Lucky Grills, Marty Fields, Peter Rowsthorn, Rita Rudner, Anthony Morgan, Bobcat Goldwaite, Hale & Pace and Scared Weird Little Guys.

The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous

* Monday, Channel 7 - 8.30pm

A very British bedroom farce from writer Jilly Cooper. Lysander is a gorgeous pro tennis player who has more success in bed than on the tennis court. Finding himself in debt, an entrepreneurial friend arranges for Lysander to put his unique talents to work. Rich, unhappy women whose husbands have strayed can hire Lysander to make their husbands jealous. Viewers who yearn for the rich and bitchy days of Dynasty will lap up the lavish country house settings and silly but gorgeous-looking shenanigans.

The X-Files

* Wednesday, Channel 10 - 8.30pm

The final episode of this year's series airs Wednesday night - and this is one of those cliffhangers that leaves viewers in disbelief that it could really be the end. At a robbery in a fast-food store, people's gunshot wounds are miraculously healed by a tall, grey-haired stranger. While he's talking to police the miracle worker seems to vanish into thin air. Scully and Mulder are called to investigate and into their paths again steps the creepy Smoking Man. Stranger still is the fact that he is observed talking to Mulder's mother moments before she suffers a critical stroke. It sets off a painful journey of discovery for Mulder, but will he finally get to the bottom of the Smoking Man's connection to his mother before the hour - and the series - is up?

Home And Away

* Friday, Channel 7 - 7pm

Yes, 2000 episodes - Home And Away hits that landmark tonight and you've got to wonder,what else can happen in Summer Bay? Not much for Melissa George, who bows out of the soapie in this gloriously sentimental episode. After arriving in Summer Bay as a 15-year-old street kid, Melissa's character Angel has been through the gamut of soapie dramas, culminating this year in giving birth and losing her beloved husband Shane (Dieter Brummer). Tonight, happiness returns to her life as she finally gets together with charming English millionaire Simon (Julian Garner).

Where Are They Now?

* Friday, Channel 7 - 7.30pm

If you're one of the several generations of Australians who can still hum the theme song to My Three Sons, then come with Peter Luck as he conducts a Sons' reunion. The show's dad, Fred MacMurray, died several years ago but the "sons" are all still jobbing actors. Don Grady, otherwise known as "the handsome one", is also a composer and fans will recognise his work in the Donahue theme. Tonight's episode also tracks down Cliff Young, the marathon jogger who shuffled his way to national stardom. And for those who remember Gough Whitlam's 1972 Labor campaign, which featured many top TV stars, Luck has organised a reunion. The idea behind Where Are They Now is so obvious it's amazing it has never been made into a TV series before. All credit to Peter Luck for turning the idea into a terrific TV trivia fest.

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