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The Sydney Morning Herald


Author: Robin Oliver
Date: 17/10/1993
Words: 376
          Publication: Sydney Morning Herald
Section: The Guide
Page: 9
SOMEBODY who is probably only about half my age has accused me of suffering from something called generation gap. The plague apparently struck because I hadn't liked a particular edition of The Late Show, the one they did in Sydney.

Tuning in towards the end, we found the incumbents sitting around without a script and considered them nowhere near as funny as the previous week, when they came better prepared.

Now the G-G lurgy strikes again. Who, I am forced to wonder, is David Dixon? And why are the people who pull the strings at Home and Away so excited at his arrival? He's probably terribly important, a semi-forward or an unplugged guitarist at least.

And, my God, has he got teeth | Home and Away is a most polished soap. The story-lines are little grippers and there isn't a scene played, nor a line uttered, without purpose. Why is young Sam, an excellent lad full of the sort of misgivings that keep scriptwriters merrily toiling until dawn, not at all looking forward to a new life at a posh grammar school? And why is Fraser(didn't he start this series as a rotter?) upset at his going? And who is this splendid dragon lady who is so determined to remove him from Summer Bay?Questions, questions - and answers only in instalments.

But Dixon, here, he's more obvious. Just out of the nick, he is obviously going to rob the caravan park something shocking. Maybe this fawning mum of his can make him see the light.

Meanwhile, a couple of the kids have won a ticket to see Sleeping Beauty. The word is the Australian Ballet drove a hard bargain.

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