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The Sydney Morning Herald


Date: 22/11/1999
Words: 262
          Publication: Sydney Morning Herald
Section: The Guide
Page: 19

HOME AND AWAY: Seven, 7pm. A terrific, consistent year for this revitalised serial ends with Norman Fisher (Norman Coburn) devastated by the news from America, where his son Byron has been undergoing cancer treatment. Now the focus switches to Jesse McGregor (Ben Unwin), in strife after being conned into spray-painting stolen cars and arousing the suspicions of his friend, Joel Nash, the Summer Bay cop. Jesse plans to skip town, leaving daughter Rachel (Sacha Mumcu) behind. The traditional cliffhanger offers spectacular stunt work. No cliffs, though.


THE MRS BRADLEY MYSTERIES - The Worsted Viper: ABC, 8.30pm. Adela Bradley, nicely played by the extraordinarily well-rigged Diana Rigg (we'd give the red-and-white number the flick), unfastens some suitably well-tailored snakes from around the necks of deceased citizens in a Cornish fishing port and begins investigations into what appear to be satanic killings. The familiar blue Rolls (a better-preserved vehicle than the series original) bowls down to the harbour-front hotel in order that Mrs Bradley's trusty chauffeur, George Moody (Neil Dudgeon), can attend the wedding of his daughter. Once again, Adela's great admirer, Inspector Christopher (Peter Christopher), takes charge. The ABC has led the world in screening these slight, though delightful, BBC period pieces, which makes their British debut this week. The surprise ending is bound to send memories spinning.

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