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The Sydney Morning Herald


Date: 30/03/2010
Words: 285
Source: SMH
          Publication: Sydney Morning Herald
Section: News and Features
Page: 5
Voters lose faith on transport

As the Keneally government attempts to sell its new MyZone ticketing system, due to begin on April 18, a survey suggests the Premier may have an almost impossible task ahead. The "transport opinion survey" of 1000 people across Australia, commissioned by the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies at the University of Sydney, finds only 14 per cent of NSW commuters believe their public transport system will improve over the next year, and 27 per cent believe it will worsen. By contrast, 39 per cent of South Australians were looking forward to better public transport. But in a result that suggests NSW voters are expecting a change of government in the election next year, 39 per cent believe transport will improve over the next five years.

Long process

Police say an investigation into allegations of indecent assault made against Hey Dad! actor Robert Hughes is likely to be a "protracted process". Strike Force Ruskin was established yesterday two weeks after Mr Hughes's on-screen daughter, played by Sarah Monahan, made the allegations. Mr Hughes has denied the claims.

Drug charges

A former Home and Away television actor has pleaded not guilty to possessing almost half a kilogram of marijuana on a surfing charter in Papua New Guinea. Putu Winchester, 33, who once played a surfer called Pongo on Home and Away and also appeared in Water Rats and Heartbreak High, was arrested with four other Australians in Buka, the centre of Bougainville province. He was charged with having 470 grams of marijuana, but supporters say the amount is a police filing error and should be 47 grams. Others arrested were Thomas Olsen, 43, Clayton McDonald, 33, Michael Northcote, 46, and Michael O'Neil, 41. Their case continues this week. -AAP


Last night: 2, 14, 15, 18, 29, 33. Supps: 8, 23. Strike: 18, 2, 33, 29.

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