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Logies: A watching brief

Date: 19/04/1998
Words: 306
          Publication: Sun Herald
Section: News
Page: 18
THERE is one big question hanging over tonight's 40th Logie Awards. It's not whether Friends hunk Matt LeBlanc will overcome his lurgy and attend the Logies. It's not whether Ray Martin will beat Lisa McCune for the Gold Logie.

It's not even whether this will be the last Logies - if industry scuttlebutt is to be believed, these gold-plated awards are losing their lustre as fast as sponsor TV Week is losing readers.

No, the real question is whether Emma Harrison, who kept everyone entertained with imaginative use of her undergarments during last year's ceremony, will grace Melbourne's Crown Casino with her fabulous presence.

Former Neighbours star Harrison bases herself in London these days but is a mainstay of the Australian publishing industry; men's magazines in particular.

But even if Harrison finds something better to do tonight and LeBlanc remains lost in space, a cavalcade of international stars is on hand to lend a little global glitter to the night.

Veronica's Closet second banana Kathy Najimy and country crooners Kenny Rogers and Reba McEntire will join host Daryl Somers on stage for the ceremony which airs on Channel 9 tonight.

With TV types complaining that they need a better awards system, two rival productions have been suggested. One is the People's Choice Awards, to be revived by Channel 7 at the end of the year; another is the Australian Academy of Television Awards, to be created by people who work in the industry.

But for the moment the Logies are, as multi-award-winning Martin likes to say, "the only game in town".

The main categories and nominees are:

  Bree Desborough,  Home And Away   5/1
  Callan Mulvey,  Heartbreak High  4/1
  Daniel Kowalski, Olympic medallist  500/1
  Brooke Satchwell,  Neighbours 10/1
  WHO WILL WIN:  Callan Mulvey.
  WHO SHOULD WIN:  Callan Mulvey.  He's also an accomplished actor.
  Neighbours  30/1
  Blue Heelers  2/1
  Water Rats  5/1
  Home And Away  8/1
  WHO WILL WIN: Blue Heelers
  WHO SHOULD WIN: Water Rats.
  Full Frontal   10/1
  Bullpitt!   5/1
  Club Bugger 20/1
  Frontline  20/1
  WHO WILL WIN: Bullpitt!
  WHO SHOULD WIN:  Club Buggery.
  Better Homes And Gardens  4/1
  Burke's Backyard  5/1
  Our House  3/1
 Getaway   8/1
  WHO WILL WIN: Our House.
  WHO SHOULD WIN:  Getaway.
  Midday With Kerri-Anne  8/1
  Hey, Hey It's Saturday  5/1
 Who Dares Wins   10/1
  In Melbourne Tonigh 100/1
  WHO WILL WIN:  Hey Hey It's Saturday.
   WHO SHOULD WIN: Midday With Kerri-Anne. Because we want to see if KAK can
make an acceptance speech within the alloted 45 seconds
 Today Tonight 25/1
  Today Show  50/1
  A Current Affair 5/1
  60 Minutes  8/1
  WHO WILL WIN: A Current Affair.
  WHO SHOULD WIN: ACA  because we recall fondly Ray Martin's acceptance speech
of 1995 in which he shot down all his critics,  We're hoping for a repeat
performance from Mike Munro.
  Daryl Somers.............10/1
  Ray Martin...............8/1
  John Wood................25/1
  Lisa McCune..............2/1
   Who will win: They say it's going to be KAK's year but that might just be the
 Midday publicity machine talking. We say Lisa McCune or Ray Martin -
Australia's Friend and The Girl Next Door.
 Who should win: John Wood. Because he's under-rated and he's been known to take
 the odd angry shot at his industry colleagues during acceptance speeches.

  MOST POPULAR ACTRESS Belinda Emmett, Home And Away....................30/1
  Lisa McCune, Blue Heelers........................5/4
  Kristy Wright, Home And Away.....................25/1
  Catherine McClements, Water Rats.................5/1
  Rebecca Gibney, Halifax fp, Kangaroo Palace......5/1
   Who will win: Lisa McCune. She took this award as well as the Gold Logie in
1997 and looks likely to do the same this year. Plus, every time she leaves the
house she makes it into the fan mags
  Who should win: Catherine McClements, for taking Water Rats above and beyond
the average cop show.
  MOST POPULAR ACTOR Martin Sacks, Blue Heelers......2/1
  Colin Friels, Water Rats........8/1
  John Wood, Blue Heelers.........25/1
  Jesse Spencer, Neighbours.......50/1
  Nic Testoni, Home And Away......50/1
   Who will win: Martin Sacks. Although he won last year the Blue Heelers
ratings juggernaut shows no sign of slowing.
  Who should win: We'd like to name all the NSW MPs who produced performances of
 Academy Award-winning proportions when it came to their travel expenses but
they're not exactly popular and none of them have been nominated so we'll say
John Wood, for his long contribution to quality drama.
  Midday With Kerri-Anne.....10/1
  Blue Heelers...............2/1
  Water Rats.................6/1
  Hey Hey It's Saturday......8/1
  Home And Away..............7/1
   Who will win: This is a new category so it's a bit of a wild card but we'll
take a punt and say Blue Heelers. Despite moving to Wednesday nights, it's still
 Australia's top-rating drama with a national audience of more than three
million viewers. And it won last year. Who should win: Water Rats. Because Blue
Heelers won last year.
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