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Date: 25/09/1993
Words: 522
          Publication: The Sun Herald
Section: Sport
Page: 69
ALLAN Langer threw a scare into the Brisbane camp on the eve of the grand final when he was almost knocked out at Doomben races yesterday.

Langer was at the track two hours before the team's departure for Sydney to back his starter Pregong in the second race.

He had just backed Pregong as the field jumped, and in his haste to watch the race, ran into a steel upright at the side of the rails bookmakers' ring.

Punters raced to Langer's assistance as he stumbled and clutched his head in a dazed state.

"I lost some blood from a cut above my eye and I was a bit dizzy for a while but it won't require major surgery," Langer said.

A television camera crew, which had been filming Langer at the time, assisted him to a nearby bench and he held his head between his legs for a few minutes.

After a woman rushed to give him a glass of cold water, he was quick to ease concerns that the collision might affect his performance in the grand final.

"It was just a warm-up for some of the treatment I expect to be on the receiving end of in the grand final," the cheeky halfback quipped.

To make matters worse, his horse Pregong fell out of the barriers and, after settling last, loomed up on the turn before finishing fourth.

Langer stayed at the track for another hour, and cuts to his ear and above his right eye could barely be seen as well-wishers gave him a hero's farewell

The Broncos remained a solid 6-4 on favourite with Doomben's bookmakers, who had St George at 10-9. Leading sports fielder Ian Cain reported the biggest support during the week for St George had come from Brisbane punters who were hedging their bets.

Cain admitted a Broncos win would prove a disaster for some of his colleagues who had bet 4-1 after St George upset Brisbane at their last home game.

"I think the Broncos should be twos on and can't see them getting beaten,"Cain said.

"I've accepted more than $20,000 in bets on St George during the week and most of those have been from people who backed Brisbane earlier in the season."

Cain said he had laid one bet of $20,000 to $5,000 on the Broncos from their centre Chris Johns the night Brisbane lost to St George.

Darwin bookmakers accepted another bet of $70,000 to $20,000 from a high-profile Broncos player while Brisbane bookmakers say some of the club's directors had a commission of $70,000 to wager on their team before the semifinals.

They estimate that more than $100,000 has been bet by players or officials who stand to collect close to half a million dollars if the Broncos win.

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