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The Sydney Morning Herald


Date: 27/09/1993
Words: 400
          Publication: Sydney Morning Herald
Section: Sport
Page: 45
Fifteen minutes before the end of Sunday's grand final, a peak audience of 1,311,000 Sydney viewers were watching the match on television.

In addition, 777,000 viewers, or one in every 2.45 of the total viewing population, were watching in Brisbane.

These high ratings in the two rival cities will hardly be a surprise, but the result that may give the greatest satisfaction to the League was the peak audience of 353,000 viewers that watched the game in Melbourne.

Drawing better than one in 10 of Melbourne's total television audience -the best ever response to a Sydney grand final - was a clear demonstration that the League has been highly successful in its attempts to spark a level of interest in the game in the Victorian capital.

In addition, 129,000 Perth viewers, again better than one in 10, tuned to the match, which, allowing for time differences, was an extraordinarily high result.

Adelaide showed the least interest in the telecast, but even then a closing peak of 79,000 viewers, or slightly less than one in 15, was much better than usual.

The Channel 9 telecast was well supported all day long.

A total 212,000 viewers tuned in for the 10 am start, rising to nearly 400,000 by the end of the President's Cup grand final, to 680,000 for the conclusion of the reserve grade grand final and 1,036,000 for Tina Turner's appearance before the big match.

From there the audience grew steadily each quarter hour until the final whistle. While between 575,000 and 907,000 viewers stayed tuned to Nine for the presentations and post-mortems, another 72,000 were ready to watch the 5 pm replay on the ABC.

Saturday's Australian Football League grand final also drew record numbers in Sydney, with more than 400,000 viewers giving the Channel 7 telecast its best result in the four years since the introduction of people-meter ratings.

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