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The Age

Brisbane wins right to keep Lions name

Date: 18/02/1997
Words: 179
          Publication: The Age
Section: SPORT
Page: 12
Brisbane yesterday secured the right to continue trading as the "Lions" after a legal dispute with the Brisbane Lions Soccer Club was settled out of court.

Lions chairman Noel Gordon said his club had agreed to the settlement after approaches from the soccer club at the weekend.

The soccer club had been trying to stop the AFL club - formed from a merger of Brisbane and Fitzroy - from using the name "Brisbane Lions". The case had been due to begin in the Federal Court in Brisbane yesterday morning.

Gordon said the terms of the settlement would remain confidential. "I'm just happy to be able to put this matter behind us so that we can get on with the business of running our club without any restrictions whatsoever," he said.

"Our club has always believed a commercial settlement was best for both parties and it's just a shame that both clubs have incurred substantial legal costs unnecessarily."

Gordon said the settlement would allow full production of official Lions merchandise, which had been held up by the pending court case.

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