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Date: 17/04/2006
Words: 471
Source: SMH
          Publication: Sydney Morning Herald
Section: The Guide
Page: 10
Prison Break

Seven, 8.30pm

This show's glacial pace has inspired some viewers to stage their own escape. It looks good and the performances are solid, if rather po-faced, but the incremental developments can leave you wanting to tunnel out of the living room.

While initially absorbing, the story is becoming increasingly hard to believe, with its smart crims, unobservant guards and a main character who wanders around the prison with ridiculous ease. What are the chaps in that watch tower doing? Their nails?

The arrival of Michael's "wife" (Holly Valance) for a conjugal visit takes everyone by surprise, not least Dr Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Callies). Outside, the action continues on its convoluted way as the dastardly Quinn (Michael Gaston) tracks down Veronica (Robin Tunney), Nick (Frank Grillo) and L.J. (Marshall Allman).

Air Crash Investigation

Seven, 9.30pm

It doesn't matter that you know early on Avianca Flight 52 is toast. The suspense in this re-enactment of the 1990 crash builds so effectively you can't help but will the plane to stay airborne, even as its fuel runs out.

The flight from Colombia was among scores forced to circle New York for hours on January 25. With the weather deteriorating and pressure from on high to keep planes landing, air traffic controllers were struggling - which is when mistakes happen, messages get garbled and a series of oversights and bad decisions clicks into fateful sequence.

The reconstructions in the cockpit and control tower are realistic, and the news footage of the crash site is chilling. The scary thing about this series is that, almost without fail, the crashes come down to human error.

The Worst Week of My Life

ABC, 9pm

As if weddings aren't stressful enough, Howard Steele (Ben Miller) has to contend with a wedding ring inside a dead dog set in concrete, a future father-in-law who thinks he inspects his own poo, and an unhinged woman who can't accept that their one-night stand was just that.

Tonight, crossed wires mean that well-intentioned gifts to his future parents-in-law don't have the effect Howard hoped, while the loopy Cassie (Raquel Cassidy) goes to extraordinary lengths to woo him.

This is classic cringe comedy with moments each episode that lift it above average. This week it's the funeral for Binky the dog, complete with pall bearers.


Ten, 6.30pm

In the annals of television villainy, a bloke who tampers with a set of shelves to make them topple over isn't exactly up there. But here's a smirking Cameron/Robert (Adam Hunter), behaving as if he just took over the universe.

Meanwhile, trashy Janae (Eliza Taylor-Cotter) and Boyd (Kyal Marsh, who should have stuck with catalogue modelling) circle around each other in excruciating fashion. Please, just go to the school dance together and spare us this high-school-drama emoting.

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