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Three-way traffic

Date: 01/05/2005
Words: 763
Source: SHD
          Publication: Sun Herald
Section: Television
Page: 3
EVERY year, the eyes of the television industry turn to one event to gauge the state of the nation.

The Logies, the biggest and most popular award night for the small screen, is the chance for celebrities, hosts, producers and reporters to pick up one of the small oddly shaped statues they covet so much.

It's also a rare chance for television viewers to see their stars out of character.

From the red carpet (or the white carpet as it will be this year) through to their moment under the spotlight, the celebrities give us a glimpse at how they are when not playing a role.

Will they tumble out of the limousine a little worse for pre-event cocktails? Do they curse under their breath when a rival wins an award? Will they make a gloriously inappropriate speech when they get their chance at the microphone?

Whether they do or not, it's all part of the appeal of the night and this year there's something extra.

For the first time in the long history of the TV Week Logie Awards there won't be just one host on the night, but three.

Instead of one personality chosen to represent a major network, Channels Nine, Seven and Ten will each have a man on the job in the form of Eddie McGuire, Andrew O'Keefe and Rove McManus.

The trio have worked together before, hosting the enormously successful tsunami benefit broadcast earlier this year and are looking forward to the chance to do so again.

And given that this is a much sought after, high-profile role, all eyes will be on the three to see if any inter-network rivalries pop up.

Don't hold your breath, Nine's McGuire said. As far as he and his co-presenters are concerned, it's a case of the more the merrier.

"There was such a good rapport between us when we did the tsunami appeal [in February] and I think that will be the template for what we will do here," McGuire said.

"Everyone has had input into the rundown and we've all been very happy in the way it has come together."

More important than any ego, they agree, is the chance to showcase Australian television.

"The spirit of why we wanted to do this was to make sure the entire Australian television industry can have an amnesty for one night and make sure that everyone enjoys it."

Not that there won't be a few good-natured jokes between the three, McManus said. "Yes, the three of us have quite a good rapport and I think that should any jokes go flying at each other's networks or ourselves it will be taken in the spirit of the event.

"Having said that, I mean it's OK for me to make jokes at their expense but if they're thinking of doing it to me they've got another thing coming!

"I'll have Pete [Hellier, a Rove Live regular] off to one side in a black T-shirt with security written across the front and mirrored sunglasses just ready to rugby tackle anyone who should try to make a crack at my expense."

As for O'Keefe, the man who attended his first Logies award only last year, he is very happy that at his second, where he's suddenly one of the brightest stars on television, there will be two of the best in the industry to help him out.

"Having three people instead of one will give the show a natural momentum that it might otherwise lack," he said.

"There's no time for anyone to get tired of the talking head because he won't be the same from one moment to the next.

"On my end of things, I find it rather comforting that there are three of us: if something I do doesn't quite go down well then the other two have enough amiability and clout about them to be able to rescue the thing."

The 47th Annual TV Week Logie Awards, Sunday, Channel Nine, from 7.30pm.

Gold in their sights

THIS year more than 23 categories will be contested at the Logie Awards, but as with every year the pre-event gossip is focused on who will take out the big one, the Gold Logie.

Five nominees from first-timer Bec Cartwright (above) to veteran John Wood (this year marks his ninth consecutive gold nomination) will vie for the award.

The nominees are:

Bridie Carter (Tess McLeod, McLeod's Daughters)

Bec Cartwright (Hayley Smith, Home And Away)

Rove McManus (Host, Rove Live)

Georgie Parker (Terri Sullivan, All Saints)

John Wood (Sergeant Tom Croydon, Blue Heelers)

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