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Author: with Ben Doherty
Date: 20/06/2001
Words: 330
          Publication: Newcastle Herald
Section: News
Page: 87

7pm, Prime

IF you watched the recent celebrity special of The Weakest Link you would have seen nasty host Cornelia Frances get stuck into a couple of Home and Away kids (and based on their appalling lack of general knowledge, they deserved it).

Well, it looks like the taste for teen blood has sparked Cornelia into a frenzy because she's heading to Summer Bay to dole out some more abuse.

That's right, Morag Bellingham is back, baby! Older, wiser and up to 12 times more evil. ED 8.30pm, Ten I LIKE Ed, I really do.

But he (Tom Cavanagh) seems to be increasingly heading into goofy territory with each new episode.

He's even coming across a little creepy, which isn't the best thing for a romantic leading man.

Then again, he is a stalker.

I'm also of the opinion the residents of Stuckeyville seem incapable of going about their everyday lives without a little bit of Ed-magic.

Quirky? Indeed. Stupid? Getting there.


THE worst thing about this new series hosted by John Cleese and Liz Hurley is it only has four episodes.

At the core of this technically innovative doco (you'll see why) is the idea that throughout history we've been obsessed with the face despite the fact it's nothing more than muscle groupings, bones and gristle.

Cleese and Hurley make a great team and Hurley is especially endearing because, although drop-dead gorgeous, she's not afraid to make fun of her own beauty.

Tonight's opener investigates the enormous amount of information a simple facial gesture can provide.

Unfortunately, some people suffer from a rare condition called Mobius Syndrome where facial expressions are impossible, but medicine has made miracles such as a first smile possible.

A number of famous faces will drop in over the next month for a chat and a giggle, including Michael Palin.

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