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Date: 11/04/1990
Words: 776
          Publication: Sydney Morning Herald
Section: News and Features
Page: 28

* Look, mum, it's HUGE: Nine's HUGE Darrell Eastlake was in fine form down at Wollongong during the weekend, and we aren't referring to his usual enthusiastic reporting of the lifesaving carnival.

A victim of his own cult following, Eastlake, wearing his trademark LOUD okanuis (baggy board shorts), attracted a HUGE response while dining at the North Beach International Hotel on Saturday.

The constant attention appeared to get on the big man's nerves and, just before leaving the table, he demonstrated to the assembled multitude what is known in brat-pack movies as "mooning".

Shorty after Dazza dropped his shorts, the group sitting at the table next to him responded in a similar fashion.

The incident was best summed up by a startled viewer, who commented after the event "and it was HUGE", referring to the part of the anatomy briefly exposed by the Weird World Of Sportster.


* White in a black mood: Faint-hearted 2UE listeners are still recovering from the following extraordinary threat issued by the diminutive but tough-talking Brian White at 5.30pm on Monday.

Delivered in a voice reminiscent of Vincent Price playing Dr Phibes, White reportedly said: "A message now for a small group of people ... it relates to something that occurred in Sydney this morning. Those involved will know what I'm talking about and let me tell them that I will mark their names off the list as I get them."

He added that he was talking about an incident that occurred "in an industry not 1,000 miles from radio and it isn't the press".

Perhaps, we can explain what inspired White's dramatic outburst, which one listener described as "chilling".

White has been closely associated with former Network Ten publicist Sandy Ryan, who discovered on Monday morning that her seat had suddenly been taken over by Nine publicist Pam Hose.

Might it be that White didn't exactly agree with the swap?


* Things that go bump in the morning: Battle-scarred Alan Bond is not the only member of the Bond dynasty in the wars.

Eileen Bond also experienced what it feels like to go downhill fast, when she fell off the balcony of the Bond home in Perth on Sunday morning.

Despite falling an estimated five metres, she is reported to be in a satisfactory condition in a Perth hospital.

She explained to a local newspaper that she was chasing her pet dog at the time, when she slipped and toppled over the railing.


* Right hunk, wrong spunk: Exclusive. Craig and Rachel's Beach Romp tempts the cover blurb on the current edition of New Idea.

The hunk in the black Speedos is undeniably Gold Logie winner Craig "shall I take off my shirt now?" McLachlan, but who is that spunkette?

Devoted Home and Away viewers point out that the girl with Craig on the cover photo is not McLachlan's real-life romp-mate, Rachel Friend, but his television co-star, Nana Coburn.

Fortunately, the hunk is matched with the correct spunk on the inside pages.


* Andrew Who?: Andrew Peacock's portrait at Machiavelli's restaurant in the city, which boasts a number of political heavies hanging over the tables, was removed yesterday.

This is believed to have nothing to do with Susan Lady Renouf's reluctance on Monday to sit in close proximity to her former husband's image, as the portrait of John Howard, who has never been married to Lady Renouf, also got the flick.

The two political has-beens were replaced by pictures of two happening things, Nick Greiner and John Dowd.

It was not necessary to remove a Charles Blunt portrait as, we understand, none existed.


* Is there a Dr Feelgood in the house?: Drummer Tommy Lee of the Australia-bound heavy metal group Motley Crue fell while swinging down a rope during a weekend concert in Connecticut.

Fortunately, Lee landed on his head, so there was no serious injury. The tattooed drummer was treated for mild concussion.

The Tarzan stunt is part of the Crue's normal stage routine. Before launching its current tour, the band promised that, even though all members had undergone drug rehabilitation, its concerts would be as wild as ever.

Injuries permitting, the boys attack Sydney on May 3 and 4.

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