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Stars escape kiss of death

Date: 15/07/1995
Words: 512
          Publication: Sun Herald
Section: NEWS
Page: 41
NOTHING scares a soap producer like an outbreak of infectious disease.

With the amount of intimate contact between actors (on set, of course) one infected person could spread the virus to the entire cast.

So when Home And Away's Shane Ammann returned to work on Tuesday after chicken pox, only to find his doctor suspected he had glandular fever, producers flew into a panic.

Ammann's on-screen squeeze Tempany Deckert was packed off to the doctors for a blood test, which proved to be a false alarm as Ammann was later told he only had influenza.

Still, the couple's love scenes will be kept to a minimum over the next few weeks.

FORMER magazine queen Ita Buttrose has found a new TV gig after the demise of At Home With John Mangos. From Wednesday week she will present weekly editorials on Channel 10 news.

CHRIS Smith, the A Current Affair reporter placed on a two-year good behaviour bond after pleading guilty to forging a signature to obtain a woman's release from jail, is back at work.

Smith was suspended on full pay last year but returned to ACA on Wednesday to work as a producer.

THE man Kerry Packer thinks would make a good PM, John Howard, appears on tonight's 60 Minutes with his three children.

The interview with Jeff McMullen will be the first and last time viewers will see Melanie, 21, Tim, 17 and Richard, 14, according to the Opposition Leader. McMullen says Howard's children share their father's conservative views.

TRAVELLING the world for nature series Wild Life isn't all five-star luxury and cute fuzzy animals, as Rachel Friend has discovered.

Filming the new series in the Arizona desert with the temperature nudging 40 degrees proved so arduous the crew was forced to finish work at 11am.

Next stop was Anchorage, Alaska, where the temperature was nine degrees, which begs the question: how do these people pack for such trips?


THE hoopla surrounding yesterday's Queensland election hasn't distracted northerners from the important issues, such as the new series of musclemania game show Gladiators, which is in production at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

Even the scandal surrounding new adjudicator Mike Whitney, who was arrested and charged with cannabis possession in Brisbane last Sunday, is not enough to put them off.

Brisbane Entertainment Centre has been packed to capacity, attracting audiences of 4,000 a show.

And the good news for Whitney is that he will not be sacked from the top-rating show in the wake of his arrest, according to Channel 7.

THE pilot of Missing Pieces, which Channel 7 describes as Australia's first interactive program where viewers solve problems and tackle challenges provided by other viewers, is set to air this Thursday night.

Johanna Sweet, who married Police Rescue sex symbol Gary Sweet in May, looks at how to maintain a long-lasting marriage.

She interviews Joyce and Athol Gibson, 88 and 91 respectively and married 65 years, before asking viewers to offer their tips. Hopefully the twicedivored Sweet will be paying attention.

Also on the subject of Missing Pieces, former Hard Yards host Terry Hansen has joined the show as a reporter and his first story is on past life regression.

JOY Smithers, best-known for her role in Bangkok Hilton, is making a guest appearance on Channel 10's Heartbreak High today.

Smithers plays the conniving sister of Jodie (Abi Tucker) who plots to steal her boyfriend and Heartbreak High's new sex symbol Matt, played by Vince Poletto.

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