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Illawarra Mercury


Date: 30/03/1998
Words: 294
          Publication: Illawarra Mercury
Section: News
Page: 47

AUSTRALIAN soapies are so popular in England, it's no wonder the cast and crew of this one decided to head overseas to film an episode

The only thing that is strange is that it took this long to achieve.

Anyway, if you never watch Home and Away, then this column will be really short for you because you won't have any idea who I'm talking about and will justifiably move onto something else worth reading.

If, like my sister, you're an avid fan, then I promise you you're in for a bit of fun.

Why? Because isn't that why you watch the show? You certainly don't watch it for a reality check or superb drama.

But we digress.

This episode marks the return (however briefly) of Tempany Deckert (Selina) and Adam Willits (Steven) who left the show for greener pastures last year.

To set the scene, Irene (Lynne McGranger) and Marilyn (Emily Symons) travel to England to see Selina who is recuperating from the malaria she contracted during a trip to Africa. (Wow, I have jetlag already!)

Selina's fending off a young man while struggling to overcome a bout of depression but Irene knows what will sort her out.

While coping with her own burgeoning romance, Irene finds time to collect Steven from the airport and re-introduce him to Selina.

Before you know it, Steven's pledging his love and waiting for an answer from the girl of his dream.

Will she give him the news he wants to hear or crush his dreams with a harsh rejection?

And what about the ring she returned to him last year? It's sure to make an appearance.

Could there be wedding bells?

I can't tell you that. You'll just have to watch for yourselves.

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