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Date: 10/01/1993
Words: 534
          Publication: The Sun Herald
Section: Television
Page: 31
Covington Cross, Channel 10, 6.30pm, Saturday. One of the oddest programs among the summer-time replacements is Covington Cross, which is something like Beverly Hills 90210 meets Robin Hood. The series, which began on Channel 10 last month is described by producers Reeves Entertainment as "a 1990s look at the life of a single parent family living in the 1350s".

Sir Thomas Gray, played by British star Nigel Terry, is the single parent who has to cope with four good-looking sons and a gorgeous daughter who just wants to be one of the boys. Other worries include treachery and intrigue, murderous neighbours and foreign wars.

Made on location at Allington Castle, in Kent, England, the series is entertaining but certainly not to be taken seriously. A typical day in Covington Cross Castle sees the older boys inadvertently destroying the household furniture with their sword-fighting while their sister Eleanor just wants to join in the fighting.

Home And Away, Channel 7, 7pm, Monday to Friday. After leaving various characters hanging from cliffs (or trapped underwater |) since the official ratings ended last year, Channel 7 now invites viewers to find out what has been happening in Home And Away. Finlay (Tina Thomsen), we learn, is possibly suffering from brain damage, having used up all her oxygen in an underwater diving accident.

Cluedo, Channel 9, 7.30pm, Wednesday. Tina Bursill is the guest star in this week's episode of Channel 9's solve-it-yourself mystery series. For"guest star" read murder victim | Bursill plays Billie Lovett, a Paris-trained chef hired by Mrs Peacock (Jane Badler) for a once-only gourmet dinner. Naturally the arrival of a rival cook upsets the regular cook, Mrs White (Joy Westmore). Well, there's one obvious suspect even before the mystery unfolds on air, however, nothing is what it seems in Cluedo and the obvious suspects are invariably the most innocent. Detective Sergeant Stanley Bogong (Frank Gallacher) will have all the answers but can you find out who dunnit first?

Drop The Dead Donkey, SBS, 8pm, Tuesday. The winds of change are whistling down the corridors of Sir Royston Merchant's media empire and rattling the golden handcuffs of chief executive Gus Hedges. And if you haven't heard of Sir Royston or Hedges you haven't enjoyed earlier series of this brilliant British comedy set in a television newsroom. In Tuesday's episode, Gus is looking for a replacement for the newsroom head. Drop The Dead Donkey is recorded the night before transmission in Britain. To retain the immediacy of a comedy series set around real news events, SBS screens it only days after it is seen in Britain.

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