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Author: Scott Ellis
Date: 14/09/2008
Words: 463
Source: SHD
          Publication: Sun Herald
Section: Television
Page: 3
I think we not only jumped the shark long ago, I think we're inventing new sharks.

Prison Break's Wentworth Miller seems to have misunderstood a term which usually means a series has become ridiculous and is about to collapse.

Love at last for Alf

* HE'S the longest-running character on Australian television and now - finally - Home And Away's Alf Stewart (played by Ray Meagher) is about to get a girlfriend. Seven insiders have hinted Bridget (played by Joy Smithers), who appeared two weeks ago following Tony (Jon Sivewright) back from Broken Hill, will soon find happiness with Alf.

* TOP GEAR AUSTRALIA has yet to launch, but from the rumours and sightings drifting in, the local guys are having just as much fun as their UK counterparts. They've been spotted building (or trying) an amphibious car, crossing the Tasman with various supercars to drive around Tassie and rummaging through a junkyard for some kind of challenge.

* AS FRINGE premieres this week (see cover story), creator J. J. Abrams has been giving a lot of interviews and the subject of his next project, a Star Trek film, has come up. Yes, it will feature a young Captain Kirk, but no, William Shatner will not feature. "The only cast member from the original films is [Leonard] Nimoy," Abrams said.

* HOME AND AWAY fans might want to check MAX on Foxtel's Ben Lee special this week. Lee is joined by former Summer Bay resident Sam Holden, aka Jessica Chapnik, who shows she's every bit as good a singer as she was a murderous psycho.

Three of the best . . .

Outback Wildlife Rescue, Sunday, 7pm, Seven

Perfectly pitched at a family audience. Ernie Dingo hosts this series about the efforts to save Australia's native wildlife.

Insight: Finding Courage, Tuesday, 7.30pm, SBS

What compels people to put their own lives at risk to help complete strangers? Jenny Brockie explores the question on this discussion program.

Crash Investigation Unit: Family Tragedy, Wednesday, 7.30pm, Seven

Two brothers crash their high-performance vehicle into the wall of a car wash. The team from the unit look at why it happened and how it could have been avoided.

. . . and the worst

America's Next Top Model, Friday, 7.30pm, Ten

They say you have to suffer to be beautiful, but no one should be forced to endure the pain of watching this series.

Whatever Happened To . . . Jane Kaczmarek

AS the mother in Malcolm In The Middle, Jane Kaczmarek was always ready to bend the rules to get what she wanted. That's not likely to be the case when she returns to television later this year as a judge in the legal drama Raising The Bar. From NYPD Blue's Steven Bochco, the series promises to be a serious look at life inside the halls of legal power.

FAST FACTS: Sesame Street's was born on October 9 in 1,830,653 BC

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