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Critic's view - Thursday, March 24

Date: 17/03/2011
Words: 592
Source: AGE
          Publication: The Age
Section: Green Guide
Page: 34
Turn Back Time: The High Street

ABC1, 8.30pm

AS THE High Street is dolled up to give the local residents a taste of what commerce was like in the 1930s, tonight's episode of this gimmick-driven, semi-documentary series charts the rise of a frightening new force in capitalism: the kiddie consumer. With the abundance of cheap sugar comes a lust for lollies, which are chomped on by newly empowered children who, thanks to better post-Depression conditions, now possess that most sought after of possessions: pocket money. Toys, too, have become a big deal. The big drag on this show is the rather interesting insights into the history and changing nature of the everyday shop front is fogged up by all the focus on the people playing the traders. Such attention is a staple of reality TV but do we really care about the sticking of pamphlets on windows? An OK show that should have been a lot better.

How I Met Your Mother

Channel Seven, 7.30pm

IN A surprisingly subdued episode, Marshall (Jason Segel) discovers at the funeral of his father that he left a voice message on his mobile shortly before his untimely demise. But to press play or delete is the issue. The show doesn't often indulge in mush but it does so here with a decent degree of sincerity.

This, of course, isn't quite enough to prevent a burst of gags about YouTube videos of guys getting their gonads smashed.


Channel Eleven, 6.30pm

THE weekly miracle that is Neighbours  producing 100 minutes of melodrama a week for 25 years  is still able to surprise even the weariest of soap-opera watchers with the quality of its direction. To wit: the romantic tension between hot-as teens Andrew (Jordan Smith) and Summer (Jordy Lucas) is so thick the cafe is now using it as a sandwich spread. They want to get it on with each other but while Andrew wants to start up again, Summer doesn't. They both reconsider their relationship prospects and come the big moment  spoiler alert!  she's willing to give it a go. But before she can get a word out, he says he's reversed his policy and agrees with the advice he's been getting that it'd be a bad idea. It's a subtly played scene, with the standard of direction frankly outdoing what long-suffering film critics often see in Australian feature films. JIM SCHEMBRI

AFL: Carlton v Richmond

Channel Ten, 7.30pm

GIVEN the fuss the AFL regularly makes about wishing Channel Seven would dance to its tune and broadcast footy live on Friday nights  instead of making fans suffer through Better Homes and Gardens, then watch the match on delay  you would think the finger of blame for tonight's scheduled delayed start should be pointed at Channel Ten. But no! Ten wants to go live, in this instance it is the AFL calling the shots. And as we went to press the AFL was insisting on a 30-minute delay of the telecast of the match, which starts at the MCG at 7.40pm. A Ten spokeswoman said the network was expecting a final decision from the AFL early next week, so the match still might be live. In which case, you know who to call to complain if the Green Guide TV listings are incorrect. Bearing in mind that this may change, Ten's plan for tonight is to start coverage at 7.30pm with a 30-minute preview of the match, the season and a few hefty plugs for One's new AFL panel shows, The Game Plan and The Final Siren. NICOLE BRADY

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