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Author: Jade Lazarevic
Date: 15/11/2008
Words: 731
Source: NCH
          Publication: Newcastle Herald
Section: Weekender
Page: 38
Medowie-raised actor Todd Lasance has found

fame as the resident heart-throb and bad boy

Aden Jefferies on the soapie Home and Away.

Lasance first appeared on the hit soap in 2005 but only

became part of the core cast late last year.

Other acting projects have included

McLeods Daughters and the US film Fools

Gold starring alongside Kate Hudson,

pictured, and Matthew


The 23-year-old is living in

Collaroy these days but likes

to get back to Newcastle as

often as he can to visit family,

friends and the beaches.

Weekender caught up with

Lasance after he wrapped

up a days work filming on

location at Palm Beach.

1. Whats it like playing the bad boy?

I wouldnt have it any other way. Hes a

great character to play because he has all

different facets but he never quite shakes

off the bad-boy image, which is good. I

didnt want him to turn into a good guy.

2. Ever catch Ray Meagher [who plays

Alf Stewart] saying flamin galah in

real life?

He actually doesnt say it ever! He takes the

mickey out of his own character though. I

dont know what people would perceive

Ray as outside of work but hes absolutely

a great man, very approachable and very

down to earth.

3. What disasters have you lived

through in Summer Bay?

Ive been in a car accident, I nearly killed

my dad, Ive been abused, my dad got held

at gunpoint, my dad was an alcoholic and

the diner collapsed on me so Ive been

in hospital three times. Were talking 12

months here so hes had a pretty rough

trot. I think everyone in Summer Bay needs

a bit of therapy.

4. Many stuff-ups on set?

I struggle working with Paul [OBrien], who

plays Jack. We hang out so much outside

of work and his character is the cop, so you

come to work and hes the authoritative

fi gure. I just cant take it seriously. I also

have a lot of slip-ups with calling people by

their actual name.

5. How does it feel to be a heart throb?

I still dont see myself at all like that. There

was a poster in TV Week that had me

shirtless and its so awkward! I walk into

a store and see myself half-naked on a

picture. People think that because were

involved in it we must be used to it but its

far from it. Im a normal person, Ive grown

up in a normal town and its still surreal.

6. Enjoy watching yourself on TV?

I dont deal with it. The first time, I was

a wreck. I hated watching it because you

realise how many people are watching

what youre doing. The other thing is Im

really critical of my work so I want it to

come across as well as it can and to be

proud of everything that I do. Still to this

day Im not comfortable with it.

7. What was it like working with Kate

Hudson and Matthew McConaughey?

That was mind-blowing. You get that

element of being a bit starstruck but you

have to remember that these people just

are normal people. Matt was awesome.

The best way to describe him is hes just

a dude. Kate is even more beautiful in

real life. Shes got a beautiful naturalness

about her, like her smile, and shes very

gentle as well.

8. Ever get starstruck?

If I meet Leonardo DiCaprio, Im gonna

dead-set pass out. Hes my inspiration for

acting and I really aspire to work with him.

Denzel Washington, Jake Gyllenhaal and

Matt Damon too.

9. Best industry party?

We get invited to too many! Our

pigeonholes get crammed with events and

premieres. Kate Ritchies farewell was a

pretty huge night. The Logies after-party

was massive too. We got to bed at like

6.45am. Initially we were going to work

the next day but they ended up cancelling

the days work, which was lucky because I

was first scene up for that day.

10. Summer Bay or Nobbys Beach?

You cant go past Nobbys Beach although

Palm Beach [Summer Bay] is beautiful. The

beaches in Newcastle are some of the best

in this country.

Jade Lazarevic

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