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The Age

Prior claim on `Dockers'

Date: 24/07/1994
Words: 214
          Publication: The Age
Section: Sport Age
Page: 33
Jeans giant Levi Strauss has beaten the AFL's newest club to its preferred nickname, the Dockers.

Fremantle launched the Dockers name and club colors of green, red, purple and white with much fanfare in Perth last week.

But the club's chief executive, David Hatt, confirmed yesterday that the name Dockers could not be used on any clothing or apparel because it had already been registered by Levi Strauss.

He said Fremantle would instead use the club's logo and the name Fremantle Football Club on its clothing range, which includes rugby tops and tracksuits.

``When things have calmed down a bit we might even go and talk to Levi Strauss and see if something can be worked out," he said.

``We're anxious not to offend them at the moment."

Hatt said Fremantle became aware that Levi Strauss had registered the name about three or four weeks ago, before it had made its decision on a club name.

``We decided to go ahead anyway because we were firm that Dockers was the name we wanted for the team," he said.

Dockers were traditionally responsible for bringing merchant ships into and out of the dock and as such were an important part of the history of the Port of Fremantle.

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