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Newcastle Herald


Author: with Ben Doherty
Date: 15/05/2002
Words: 333
          Publication: Newcastle Herald
Section: News
Page: 95

7pm, Prime

DESPITE the fact you can still catch old cast members rolling their eyes and butchering the English language on Home and Away: The Early Years at 4.30pm each day, the arrival of the soap's 14th anniversary this week means we get a double dose.

Old favourites such as Sophie (Rebecca Elmaloglou), Blake (Les Hill), Lance (Peter Vroom) and Frank (Alex Papps) return to Summer Bay to join in a communal aquatic tragedy next week.


7.30pm, Ten

COMPLETELY unimpressed with the crop of original housemates (and hasn't the uncut show revealed Nathan to be a right old verbal charmer?) some punters are suggesting that an intruder will end up taking the dosh.

No arguments here.

I'd like to see nice guy Keiran win, while Brodie and Nicole seem like reasonable sort of people too. But one of them will get the boot tonight, leaving us viewers free to ponder the question that has plagued us for weeks ...

Are Turkan and Peter truly Australia's most irritating people?


I'LL admit that I've lost interest in Australian Survivor since Big Brother arrived and Newcastle's Jane Dalton getting the boot didn't help either.

But despite a few hokey hiccups here and there, I think this has been a solid series.

The up-close-and-personal footage of the whale a few weeks ago was a definite highlight while the wind blowing out the very first bonfire challenge was priceless.

Tonight's final will be a battle royale between Katie, Sciona, Rob and Joel and after the show, Eddie McGuire will host a reunion special.

Of course.


8.30pm, ABC

SUN HILL'S evil genius Don Beech escaped certain death in Australia and has returned triumphant with a new six-part series.

Whaddaya know? Crime does pay.

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