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Newcastle Herald

Big Apple was tasty morsel for actress

Author: with Amy Edwards
Date: 10/01/2011
Words: 173
Source: NCH
          Publication: Newcastle Herald
Section: News
Page: 12
CATHERINE Mack-Hancock spent her early years in Newcastle but the actress claims Hollywood is now where she needs to be.

Mack-Hancock has spent more than a year studying acting in New York at the Atlantic Acting School. Former students include Rose Byrne, Felicity Huffman, Jessica Alba and Matthew Fox.

She will be returning to the US this month on a scholarship to attend a graduate program, based in Los Angeles, of the school. This scholarship was only awarded to one international actor.

"All the Aussies stick together in Los Angeles and it is absolutely the next step for my career," Mack-Hancock told The Word.

Before she leaves Australia, the 25-year-old beauty will act in a guest role in Melbourne this week for the new television series Winners and Losers.

Starring All Saints' Virginia Gay, the comedy drama, which will screen on Prime, follows the fortunes of four high school classmates who meet again at their 10-year school reunion.

Mack-Hancock has also completed an American feature film, Travail, which is due out this year.

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