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Newcastle Herald

New Kid On The Beach

Author: COVER STORY by Ben Doherty
Date: 25/01/2002
Words: 523
          Publication: Newcastle Herald
Section: Friday Guide
Page: 5
DANIEL Collopy has truly arrived.

The 23-year-old Melbourne lad is

the spunky new addition to Prime's long-running and long-popular teen soap Home and Away.

But it wasn't on a Summer Bay

beach when Collopy realised what national television exposure can do.

It was while waiting in line at McDonald's.

'I was just waiting there when a

girl from behind the grill screamed out "He's from Home and Away!",' Collopy laughs.

'It was a little surreal.'

Surreal is right, given the fact that even the most ardent Home and Away fan has barely had time to get to know Collopy's new character Josh West.

Viewers had all but a glimpse of Josh at the end of last season when the

affable bloke arrived in Summer Bay

to wind down after the HSC.

Now, just a couple of weeks into the new series, Collopy is already a quickly identifiable figure among teenage girls.

Despite being a little overwhelmed with the luxurious new trailers Channel Seven has provided the Home and Away cast and crew for 2002, Collopy isn't exactly a stranger to the limelight.

Confident and well spoken, he cut his acting teeth during a three-month stint with Channel Ten's Neighbours playing Sean Edwards.

But it was as a 19-year-old that

he experienced some of his best moments before an audience.

Collopy was the on-ground announcer and played a character called Danny Boy for the Melbourne Storm NRL team's home games.

'I got to play theatrically in front of a crowd 45,000 people,' he recalls.

'It ended up being huge, people would stream in two hours early so they wouldn't miss the entertainment.

'It was awesome and I have to say I really miss it, you get a bit emotionally attached sometimes.'

But having scored the role of Josh, Collopy is definitely looking forward, not back.

Josh is training as a lifeguard and, as is the Home and Away tradition, a love interest is just around the corner in the shape of Tammin Sursok's Dani.

Having made a lightning quick move to Sydney from Melbourne last year after winning his new job, Collopy says he's still adjusting to his new surrounds but his fellow cast members are making him feel welcome.

'Home and Away has been running for 15 years now and when I came in and saw characters like Fisher, Sally and Alf I had this feeling of real family because they've been together for so long.

'I suppose I

feel like a bit of a third cousin but everyone has been really


'Desperate' to one day make the break into cinema, Collopy is also keen on becoming a commercial airline pilot and his positive attitude suggests that it's more a matter of 'when' than 'how'.

From a family

of 10, Collopy credits his mum as the reason he now finds himself staring a successful acting career in the face.

'I wasn't sure about the audition but mum said, "just do it, give it a go, fly the nest",' he says.

'I did and I love it here.'

Home and Away, 7pm weekdays, Prime

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