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The Sydney Morning Herald


Author: Robin Oliver
Date: 16/02/1998
Words: 228
          Publication: Sydney Morning Herald
Section: The Guide
Page: 15

Seven, 7pm

IT'S bitchy in Summer Bay. The film crews come with their trucks and take valuable space and sometimes they order the locals about.

"You're not planning to park there, are you?"

Why not? It's a marked space and tickets cost a packet.

But these people apparently pay top coin and it is rather nice that the beach is being perved upon in 35 countries or so.

So, surf's up, the duty grommets are out with their boards.

Summer Bay is looking more like Winter Bay, but the sun always shines (the generators see to that) and Ray Meagher and Judy Nunn reign supreme at the local shop - and what a nice day's work when those two were set on their frisson course as Alf and Ailsa.

Fisher (Norman Coburn) seems to have mellowed since he became headmaster, but if nothing else seems to have changed in 10 years or so, that's just illusion.

They come and go - and where did Will (Zack Drayson) get that desert tracks haircut?

Big changes tonight as the Nash family arrives from Hong Kong. Joel (David Woodley) and Natalie (Angela La Bozetta) and their good-looking children, Tom (Graeme Squires) and Gypsy (Kimberley Cooper).

"I've got a stinking bad feeling about this," says Gypsy.

She probably means she hasn't landed on a magazine cover yet.

Patience, girl.

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