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The Age

Parkin to spread Blues' coaching load

Date: 22/11/1999
Words: 421
          Publication: The Age
Section: Sport
Page: 5
Carlton coach David Parkin has revised his traditional role, effectively becoming a "coach/manager" who manages an enlarged coaching staff.

Parkin said the expansion of the club's coaching panel, including the hiring of John Worsfold and Ross Lyon, had made it possible for him to relinquish much of his ``hands on" work with players.

``My role will be more as a mentor and overseer - a coach/manager I suppose," Parkin said.

The veteran coach said he would concentrate on working with the coaches rather than operating through the traditional direct relationship with players.

``I've not done that before, so it's exciting. I'm nervous about it because it's a different role and set up," he said.

Parkin said assistant coach Wayne Brittain would assume a greater responsibility under the new set-up.

``Brits is my senior assistant. He will be responsible for the game plan and he's been doing that now. But he's got rid of the responsibility for the reserves. That was a big thing that we couldn't use him in the way I wanted. I'll be able to use him as my absolute right-hand man now. He'll be running the show in a real sense.

``I won't be doing as much hands-on stuff as I've done in the past."

Worsfold will have a specific defensive coaching role, while Lyon will assume control of the reserves. Stephen Kernahan, the new chairman of selectors, will remain, with Greg Williams, in a part-time coaching role.

Parkin said the Blues had not kept pace with rival clubs in resourcing their coaching staff until now. ``We prided ourselves that we were the best in the business. In the last few years, we haven't been. But now I think we're getting to the stage where we will not only catch up to the field, but we'll set the standard again."

Parkin said he did not know whether Kernahan wanted to pursue a coaching career and, as the new chairman of selectors, he had kept his options open. ``In the big picture Sticks is going to develop, and I don't know whether it's going to be in coaching or in a match-committee-cum committee, Wes Lofts-type person.

``It's very important we keep him here doing the things he's comfortable with and wants to do rather than forcing him into coaching or forcing him into something. I think Sticks is keeping a foot in each camp now."

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